Not Strictly Stars



“We are delighted to be bringing such a hugely popular format as Dancing with the Stars to RTÉ One…we are confident that Irish audiences will take this home-grown version to their hearts. Family entertainment shows are a cornerstone of what RTÉ One is all about.”

Adrian Lynch, Channel Controller, RTÉ One and RTÉ2.

*Cha-cha-chas over imaginary telly licence*

Thanks Garthicus

53 thoughts on “Not Strictly Stars

  1. Yep

    Karl Spain as the bumbling contestant? Jennifer Maguire brings the sass but is ultimately grateful for the experience and making new “friends? Majella O’Donnell as the ringer? Bald dude off Fair City? David Norris? PJ Gallagher a MUST! Lucinda if the budget stretches.

    Can’t wait….

  2. Dhaughton99

    Marty Morrissey
    Brian Ormond
    Marty Whelen
    Brenda Donohue
    Katrine Thomas

    **As long as they don’t clash with their other RTE duties.

    Shut it down already.

  3. moould

    – some Dublin GAA gouger
    – one of those digital influencer OMG Snapchat birds
    – an ITV/BBC hasbeen
    – a Labour pol who lost his seat
    – a female RTE polcor type

    1. forfeckssake

      A rugby person and an Irish model who goes out with or used to go out with a rugby person.

      1. moould

        – a token gay.
        – perhaps a slightly brown person. like brown but not ethnic?
        – certainly no travellers or persons with a disability.

        just the incestuous circle-jerking élite

    2. bertie blenkinsop

      Gerry Hutch
      George Hook
      Catherine Nevin
      The Strypes
      Fr Michael Cleary (deceased).

    1. Kieran NYC

      Brian Ormond probably. Or Westlife guy.

      Since they need to find ‘vehicles’ for their ‘talent’.

  4. Panty Christ

    A young irish tv cook with zero industry experience and well placed relatives working in rté

  5. Paddy

    Maybe an all-encompassing show, that puts Singing, Dancing, Cooking and house renovations, starring of course celebrities like Sean 0’DillyODeamhas and Maura H’aonDoTrí could be produced. 4 hours per day, 365 days of the year.
    Sure isn’t that what we all like?

  6. Otis Blue

    Senator Jerry Buttimer
    Lottie Ryan
    Miriam O’C
    Kenny Egan
    Random former Rose of Tralee
    Jean Byrne
    Bernard Brogan
    Stephen Hunt
    Nathan Carter
    Marie Louise O’Donnell
    TG4 Tottie
    Glenda Gilson

  7. Deluded

    Justin Timberlake
    Christine Lagarde
    Justin Trudeau
    Bruce Springsteen
    Nathan Carter
    Melania Trump

  8. some old queen

    So the BS massive have decreed the following shall appear

    Marty Morrissey
    Brian Ormond
    Marty Whelen
    Brenda Donohue
    Katrine Thomas
    Majella O’Donnell
    Gerry Keane
    Mary O’Rourke
    Fidelma Healy Eames
    Gerry Hutch
    George Hook
    James Heffernan
    Senator Jerry Buttimer
    Lottie Ryan
    Miriam O’C
    Kenny Egan
    Jean Byrne
    Bernard Brogan
    Stephen Hunt
    Nathan Carter
    Marie Louise O’Donnell
    Glenda Gilson
    Twink Twink Twink

    And someone from the following categories if not included in the above

    Random former Rose of Tralee
    TG4 Tottie
    Someone who had cancer/depression and recovered
    A trendy priest
    Some Dublin GAA gouger
    One of those digital influencer OMG Snapchat birds
    An ITV/BBC has been
    A Labour pol who lost his seat
    A female RTE polcor type


    No one mentioned drag queen extraordinaire … Anne Doyle?

    1. J

      Female Sindo columnist
      Charity plugger
      Brendan * I am mean* O Connor
      Amy * I am nice* Huberman
      Fair City reject
      Bodger & Jules

  9. Bort

    Hilarious comments PLEASE revisit this thread when they announce the line up, it will be scarily accurate. But FFS do we really owe these people a living? Why do RTE create these shows to keep these cretins in work

  10. Bowzer

    Can RTE actually come up with or encourage an original idea? Everything on the damn channel is an Irish version of Next Top [insert profession], in this case celebrity dancer. Don’t even know why they spend serious money on importing things like this when they’re actively ripping off UK TV shows left, right, centre.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        A definite winner, Paddy – although I’m very drawn to Otis’ suggestions above.

    1. Frilly Keane

      The Restaurant is a good one now
      Be fair

      And that Lyrics Board
      Now gone
      Its wasn’t everyones mug’a tay
      But it had wider appeal

      1. Neilo

        Frilly, they couldn’t even hold on to The Restaurant – TV3 were delighted to pick it up.

        *Whispers* I also enjoyed Lyrics Board and Music of the Night with Tony Kenny.

    1. Garthicus


      The news is bound to be a blow for presenter Kathryn Thomas who has fronted the show since the very start in 2012.

      Thomas remained upbeat about the news saying that “it’s been an incredible journey over the past five years” and said she’s looking forward to presenting Celebrity Operation Transformation on RTÉ in the coming weeks.

    2. moould

      so we’ve run out of talentless halfwits from the general public willing to humiliate themselves on national tv and are going back to talentless halfwits from the celeb élite willing to humiliate themselves on national tv

  11. Mulder

    Ohh sugar or words to that effect.
    The long slow mangled tango with the thick ankles or big feet.
    Suppose, like ye know, plenty of the usual GAA lads.
    Now, Dustin would be the ideal host, for that.

  12. ahjayzis

    Hang on – did RTE buy the format from ABC in the states?

    Because they bought it from the BBC and renamed it – Strictly Come Dancing. Did RTE really just buy Strictly Come Dancing?

    So they’re replacing The Voice, a BBC format, with Strictly, a BBC format, but using the American name we’re less familiar with to downplay the fact they’re a bargain basement, awfully executed BBC rip-off?

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