Who Came First?


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Olympic gold medallists Bob Tisdall and Ronnie Delany in 1988

Lovely to see Olympic coverage in the paper. Eileen Battersby lists “10 names forever etched in Olympic lore”, including the great Ronnie Delany who she says won “Ireland’s first, and to date, only gold medal on the track”.

However, 24 years earlier, on August 1st, 1932 in Los Angeles, in arguably the finest hour of Irish sport, Ireland won two track and field gold medals within 60 minutes.

Bob Tisdall on the track won the 400m hurdles followed by Dr Pat O’Callaghan winning his second gold in the hammer.

Simon O’Callaghan,

Irish Olympic track gold (Irish Times letters page)

Pic: Irish Newspaper Archive (Irish Press)

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11 thoughts on “Who Came First?

  1. Fact Checker

    Battersby’s original claim was about track events.

    With apologies for going pedantic on a pedant, hammer is a field event, not a track event.

  2. Mulder

    The pharma games, why take one little pill when you can take a whole bottle of bigger ones.
    They have the gold seal of approval, guaranteed.

  3. therave

    Why do RTE not mention Micelle de Bruin in their coverage anymore, she was tested as clean after she won the medals at the time….

    1. H

      I’ve been wondering why she has been expunged from history too, did her later failed drugs test negate her Olympic medals?

      1. H

        Sorry she didn’t fail a drugs test, it was tampering with a urine sample that blotted her copy book

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