Me And Ms Jones



A voucher worth TWENTY FIVE EUROS to spend at ANY Golden Discs store nationwide is on offer.

All we ask from you is a choon that we can play at 2pm today.

This week’s theme (for the day that’s in it): Grace Jones.

To enter, just complete this sentence.

‘Please play____________________by Grace Jones at 2pm today because_____________________’

Lines MUST close at 1.30pm

Golden Discs

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25 thoughts on “Me And Ms Jones

  1. Penfold

    Please play “I’m not perfect but I’m perfect for you” by Grace Jones at 2pm today because it’s one of the few songs I could name by her, and it’s pretty decent too.

  2. James Chimney

    Please play “When I’m cleaning Windows” by Grace Jones at 2pm today because I’ve been at the glue again.

  3. Liam

    Play “Feel Up” because it’s just a great groove and also has barking dogs on it which is always a bonus.

  4. jonjo

    Please play nothing by Grace Jones at 2pm today because that post, from the girl who didn’t get tickets, was the first I bleedin’ heard of Grace Jones. Not a clue!

  5. Hank

    Please play with yourself while listening to “Slave To The Rhythm” by Grace Jones at 2pm today because if we all do it at the same time, maybe there’ll be less of a sense of shame.

  6. Micheál

    ‘Please play Pull up to the Bumper by Grace Jones at 2pm today because it’s just pure filth, and you need that on a Friday.

  7. andydufresne2010

    Please play ‘Shenanigans’ by Grace Jones at 2pm today because a: I always thought it was an Irish sounding word, b: because the entire world seems to be up to Shenanigans these days and c: because she actually has a song called Shenanigans

  8. Steve

    Please play “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim (and not by Grace Jones) at 2pm today because Christopher Walken dances in the music video and we all know himself and Grace Jones teamed up as the best baddies ever in the vintage Bond movie; “A View to a Kill”.

  9. William

    Please play ‘William’s Blood’ by Grace Jones at 2pm today because me name is Will and it’s nearly de bleedin’ weekend.

  10. Damian

    ‘Please play What is Love? by Grace Jones at 2pm today because it’s a cracking tune from the eighties’

  11. essexhian

    Please play “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect For You)” by Grace Jones at 2pm today.
    The reason is I AM perfect! (Just naturally Graceful)

  12. Pat Walsh

    Please play Walking in the Rain by Grace Jones at 2.00pm today because I’ve been doing a lot of that this summer.

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