25 thoughts on “Trojan Whores

      1. Nigel

        Jake’s right, he’d be a wealthy builder, developer and businessman careening along on a wave of right-wing populism driven by anti-austerity, ant-water-charges but aiming to cut corporate tax, dismantle the health service and An Taisce, push Irexit, frack the midlands to ribbons and build a housing estate on every flood plain in the country.

  1. Human

    Trump will get elected and make America great again…. and all you lefties can cry away while the rest of us get to work.

    1. Nigel

      Are you in the US? Cause I don’t think the US will be a welcoming place for immigrants if he does win. Just sayin’.

    2. Bob

      It’s becoming more and more apparent that you don’t understand what “lefties” are, and quite possibly what America or Trump are, either.

  2. Sido

    A typical Republican candidate would be Jeb Bush or “Lyin'” Ted Cruze, not Donald Trump
    A typical Democrat candidate would be Hillary Clinton not Bernie Sanders.
    (N.B. Forget the ex presidents wife breaking the glass ceiling bit – Its the current year)

  3. Boj

    I actually can’t remember when I saw a (anti) Clinton article on a news website…I aint no Trump-man but seriously, what the hey is going on with the media worldwide. I have done some simple google searches and the durt on Clinton is a lot more insidious than this clown. I find this a very unnerving time and yet no one else thinks so , blindly sheeping along hating Trump and consuming all the fast-news stories. This is totally over-used, but seriously, wake up people! Agenda’s left right and center – excuse the pun.

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