21 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

    1. forfeckssake

      The press are the shameless ones. She has finished her sentence and come home. What about that is shameless?

      1. Anne

        More proof that people are ladyparts..

        I’ve seen people post things like she’s due a batin’. Knackers love that sort of talk.
        She’s what, 20 odd years of age? Made a mistake, paid the price. Let the girl move on with her life.

        1. petey

          international cocaine trafficking is a pretty big ‘mistake.”
          anyway agree she should have been let be by the papers.

          1. Anne

            international cocaine trafficking is a pretty big ‘mistake.’

            Is it, if you’re caught.

            But these clowns writing open letters to her/about her, blaming her for their father’s/brother’s (whichever relative’s) addition to drugs, are clearly idiots.. it’d be like someone writing to Diageo about their father’s liver finally packing it in.
            These people forget that their relative made their own choices.

      2. some old queen

        I was joking but she did post a picture of herself on a plane coming home. If that wasn’t intended to alert the press then I don’t know what is. I just hope she knows what she is doing that’s all.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Any institution that makes money available to David Hall should be put under restrictions by the Central Bank of Ireland

    1. Brother Barnabas

      If she has any level of business sense, she’s coming home with $10 million worth of coke up her ‘special place’. She won’t be checked again.

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