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  1. Zuppy International

    [from Scott Adams]

    The Greatest Cognitive Dissonance Trap of All Time

    Here’s the set-up:

    1. The mainstream media knows they are smarter than Donald Trump. They see evidence of this truth all the time, although much of that evidence is confirmation bias.


    2. Trump does something smart – accusing Obama and Clinton of being “founders” of ISIS. This is a clever way to get the world to debate Clinton and Obama’s ineffectiveness during a time when ISIS expanded. In other words, it is brilliant media manipulation, and it worked.

    3. CNN and other Clinton supporters interpret Trump’s statement about ISIS as absurd and uninformed because they can’t imagine a scenario in which Trump does something brilliant. Trump being brilliant isn’t one of the options, as far as they know.


    1. Kieran NYC

      “In other words, it is brilliant media manipulation, and it worked.”

      No, it didn’t. People just talked about how nuts Trump was.


        1. forfeckssake

          The polls show Trump losing in a landslide. They have him losing all of the swing states. He has his hardcore supporters but is alienating more and more people outside of that group the longer the campaign goes on.

        2. MoyestWithExcitement

          Bernie Sanders pulled the crowds and Clinton still got 3 million more votes than he did.

          1. rory

            I don’t think Zuppy is Bodger myself. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Bodger/BS love it when Zuppy comments on a post; almost guaranteed there’ll be an increase in people revisiting the site to tell Zuppy he is wrong.

          2. rory

            Does that mean you think man made climate change isn’t real and the moon landing was faked?

          3. rotide

            Bodger would you like to explain the mirror that you can shine a laser at and prove that man did indeed go to the moon?

            Just to give us all a laugh like.

          4. Bodger

            “Four years ago (1962) a ruby laser considerably smaller than those now available, shot a series of pulses at the Moon, 240000 miles away. The beams illuminated a spot less than two miles in diameter, and were reflected back to Earth with enough strength to be measured by ultra sensitive electronic equipment.Many types of signals can be bounced off the Moon, even without any type of reflectors. In the 1950s, Moon-bounce was used to communicate around the curvature of the Earth. If you were in the military and wanted to talk with someone in Hawaii from California, you would bounce your conversation off the Moon”
            ‘The Lasers Bright Magic’ by Thomas Meloy, National Geographic, December 1966

          5. rotide

            Why would i subject myself to a terribly made 50 minute documentary that is full of all sorts of debunked nonsense to try and work out whatever ‘fact’ you are trying to dribble out?

          6. manonfire

            I ask you this rory.. where did the term “global warming” go..?

            When it was debunked the mandarins in tavistock came up with the new term called climate change, they repeat it enough times and the herd(you) reroute it around your critical analysis and blurt it out your mouth without the slightest thought otherwise, i would advise doing some homework before you post cynical remarks


          7. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

            What is with people thinking a sh&£ YouTube video is credible evidence?

          8. rotide

            If by ‘ignorant sleep’ you mean, ‘understanding the basics of photography’, then I’ll stay right where I am.

            Don’t let me keep you from vital youtube research.

          9. Nigel

            ‘Debunking’ a ‘term’ is about the extent of climate change denial intellectual endeavor all right.

          10. manonfire


            The van allen belts are so deadly that lead plating would have to wrapped around the cone of any craft sent to the moon, anything lighter and the deadly radiation would destroy any biological matter it contacted, the van allen belts are present at 1000 miles and 10000 mil;es above earths surface moon is 340000 miles so not possible

          11. manonfire

            youtube videos like gemma o d’s mary boyle doc, is that what you mean don and rotide? why wouldnt RTE show that doc rotide? i also notice the multitude of corroborating snippets you include with all your assumptions, seriously good work i might add..

          12. rotide

            That documentary was released to youtube about 3 weeks ago and you’re trying to claim that RTE are surpressing it?

            I actually can’t deal with the idiocy

          13. manonfire

            She offered it to RTE first she had to see them for footage use prior to its release RTE would only use it if they had final cut, ie it would have been a completely different doc, ie suppression

          14. manonfire

            The only idiocy here is you being completely ill informed and resorting to childish insults and denegrating comparisons to try and “smash” home your nonsense

    2. Nigel

      The sheer quantity of post facto special pleading involved in calling Trump accusing Obama and Clinton of founding ISIS smart would power a time machine.

  2. Zuppy International

    Polls are rigged.


    “As polls in the public space move from news to entertainment, it is more common for polls to be set up to produce high-impact news or entertainment value, which is different from gathering actionable intelligence about the electorate, he said. Even further away from the true purpose of political polling is the poll that manufactures with propaganda impact.”

    Apparently the DNC nomination process was also rigged. (And Bernie took a dive)


    1. rotide

      This really does seem like a strange one for conspiracy looneys to take a stand on as it will either be proved right or wrong in a couple of months time.

      Of course the fruitcakes can always point to a random tweet or strange website which conclusively prooves that the vote was rigged, but usually they stay away from stuff that can be empirically proven.

      Doesn’t explain bodgers moon thing mind you.

      1. manonfire

        Yea rotide evidence is only for loonys, pride and ego over-riding common sense is what it actually looks like

      2. Martin Heavy-Guy

        I wouldn’t bother with the Breitbart nonsense – they have their own agenda. But the Wikileaks email releases definitely show that Sanders was pushed out the door, and a lot of (leftist) western media seem to be politely ignoring that (Wikileaks themselves are going to town on Clinton).

      1. Zuppy International

        Interesting, but (again) questionable methodology: automated calls weighted by voting patterns (so democrats probably over-sampled within its 2,832 likely voters).

        Here’s another (non-media) poll which claims a sample of 50,000 votes in all states.

        Trump 33478 votes 67%
        Clinton 9788 Votes 19%
        Undecided or other 6739 votes 13%


        [BTW, I don’t really care who wins in November but I do enjoy the squirming at Trump’s chuptzpah]

        1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

          That’s not a real poll, no methodology. Just we found some people and called them.

          Interesting you fail to mention the organisation who are annoying anti-choice, and anti SSM marriage and SSM adoption. And the court cases. And the pressuring countries to keep laws that making homosexuality a criminal offence with a ten year sentence.

          1. Zuppy International

            “Interesting you fail to mention the organisation who are annoying anti-choice, and anti SSM marriage and SSM adoption. And the court cases. And the pressuring countries to keep laws that making homosexuality a criminal offence with a ten year sentence.”

            I don’t care about any of that. The point is anybody can claim to do a poll and publish it (to suit their own agenda). Polls are rigged. As are elections.

        2. St. John Smythe

          thanks, I’m totally going to follow the poll of this 100% paritsan right wing webstie

  3. De Kloot

    These comments have been nothing but incredibly insightful and really does explain a lot about what goes down around here…. Hehe

      1. Zuppy International

        Even wonder why Hillary now wears pant-suits all the time?


        Combined with the brain freezes and the rumoured stroke it ain’t looking good for the woman known as Killary.


        The slim hope for the NeverTrumpsters is that this rumour is true.


        But then who will occupy the oval office as Clown in Chief? The smart money is on Uncle Joe at 33/1.


        [Why do we bother at all?]

        1. manonfire

          like reagan/bush have the actor/stooge upfront with the maestro in the back pulling the strings

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