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Allison from The Irish Workshop, online home of homegrown crafts and whatnot, writes:

Are you feeling like a cog in the machine? Are you noticing that everyone’s business attire looks eerily like your own? Do you keep accidentally sitting in the wrong cubicle at work because they all look maddeningly similar and you work in a symmetrical building?

Take some time this Wednesday to realise your uniqueness with this lovely print by our very own LAINEY K Designs. Let the words of Oscar Wilde soothe your midweek blues and revel in your own significance before you have to submit that report, schedule that meeting, or reload that printer ink.

Take a deep breath. The weekend’s only two days away….


Be Yourself Print

LAINEY K Designs

The Irish Workshop

Irish-made stuff to marked ‘Irish-made stuff’

10 thoughts on “Your Prints Will Come

  1. Tish Mahorey

    Lazy creative or clever business?

    Look up some quotes on the internet, bang them into a circle in Adobe Illustrator with an unconvincing handwriting font, get them printed really cheaply and then sell them on to public at a signifiant profit.

    1. Tony

      Buy a few bits of electronics, a pane of aul’ glass, slap them together and put them in a fancy case. Call it an iPhone. Lazy creative or clever business?

  2. Kerri Ann

    Apparently Oscar also burped up “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary”. I can’t find “R U OK hun?” (Samuel Beckett), but I’d say it’s only a matter of time.

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