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  1. Turgenev

    Was it Noah who put his two little daughters outside to be raped by a crowd of neighbours rather than abuse hospitality by sending his attractive guests out?

    1. Rainy Day

      I think that was Lot…..Noah did worse with his daughter….
      Then again the bible is only a load of stories written around 400 AD (give or take a few hundred years) that no-one at the time really expected people to believe fully….not least still believe them in 2016….

      1. newsjustin

        The Book of Genesis (which contains the Noah story) was written around 600 BC not 400 AD. You’re only a thousand years out. The rest of the Old Testament was, surprise surprise, written from about 750 BC to the birth of Christ.

        As for the New Testament, the various letters of St Paul are from the mid 50s ie 50 AD and the 4 familiar gospels were written down from 68 AD to 110 AD.

        Not 400 AD.

        This is just historical fact. Not a reflection of whether stories should be taken seriously or not.

    2. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      I think Noah’s daughters were the ones who got him drunk and seduced him. They left that bit out of the Russell Crowe movie.

          1. Mikeyfex

            I wasn’t aware of Angie Tribeca but Rashida Jones is nowhere near funny enough to be main character of anything.

          2. Neilo

            In re Angie Tribeca, I think it started strong but petered out something fierce by the third episode.

  2. Fully Keen

    That’s it, keep distracting the dubland meeja. Nothing to see here but ignorance and pants tied up with string.

    Keep taking the bait.

    They will keep taking the money.

  3. Sido

    The cows are passing out with sun stroke on the fields of Kerry. The crops are all scorched in the field, when will this fool listen to the experts who make a good living out of warmism?

  4. ceo

    This guy is either a much thicker, or much smarter cnut than I originally thought. I can’t decide which.

  5. De Kloot

    Jesus, all that Dail-Bar stout has really gone to his belly…. he was portly before, but as Fully would say – that’s ‘Gravy’….

    1. Rainy Day

      He doesn’t drink apparently! …the cleverest of publican, he doles it out but won’t consume it himself because he knows better.
      So….that is all spuds and gravy…

          1. Tony

            Lovely to see a prime example of the hypocrisy so prevalent on BS. We decide who deserves tolerance. And god help those who don’t.

          2. Tony

            You can’t defend it can you. Why the hate for Healy ray. I thought tolerance was about accepting all points of view. Debate them yes, but mock? That’s the work of bullies.

          3. Ned Flanders

            Tony, I’ll try explain this to you using simple words as you seem a bit challenged yourself. A public figure is subject to the public’s opinions, support, and in the case of H-R, ridicule.

            You are suggesting here that loons like anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers, the “Royal Family are lizards”, and all other kind of crackpots be given equal attention and respect. Educated opinions based on actual scientific research must compete on a level playing field with something you read on davidicke.com whilst on the bog.

            Intellectual atavism in action.

          4. Tony

            Mocking a man because of his religious beliefs is intolerance. I know you don’t like to think of yourself as intolerant, but you are. Im not racist but…. . You can respect someone, but not agree with them. But instead of that you mock and bully. Or are you saying its ok to mock someone because of their religious beliefs

          5. pedeyw

            But this doesn’t really have anything to do with religious beliefs, it’s a willful denial of scientific evidence because it suits his constituency to argue against legislation on climate change. It’s parish pump politics. I’ll add “in my opinion” so you can’t try that argument against me again.

          6. Nigel

            Tony isn’t often right, but you could quite easily and effectively castigate Healy Rae for has reckless anti-scientific statements and his particular brand of insular politics without the rather casual anti-rural abuse and insults. I realise that including them in any comment about the Healy Raes is like including punctuation, and,in fact, you’d sooner drop the punctuation, since an opportunity to throw out a few choice insults at a culturally acceptable class of hateable people is irresistible, but there you go.

    1. jackson

      lol, “if he’s expressing his religion we can’t criticise and mock him!”, no matter have daft or nonsensical his arguments are?

      It’d be fine if he was spouting this poo in his own bar in his own isolated patch of this island, as a public representative everything he says can and will be analysed, mocked, criticised. The very corner stone of democracy.

      What he’s coming out is an embarrassment, old superstitions and in place of science, I feel bad for his constituents

    2. newsjustin

      To be fair Tony, any one who treats actual pseudo-history creation stories as actual fact is a bit silly.

      These creation stories are really, really interesting. They tell us about the people who wrote them and, perhaps, much more ancient oral histories. But they’re not to be wheeled out to support climate change scepticism.

  6. Tish Mahorey

    You’d be a fool to fall for their county fair personas. They’re a road show that plays to both of their markets.

    The Kerry voters know they bring investment and the Dublin sophisticates think they pose no threat.

    Win Win.

      1. Fully Keen

        Walls, potholes, drainage ditches, planning permission, medical cards, hospital appointments, social welfare problems, broadband…

          1. Fully Keen

            People are slowly getting the idea. It’s not about moaning about others getting gravy. It’s all about getting your gravy, today!!

            It’s the Irish way.

        1. Zuppy International

          So it’s more lies, bad science, propaganda and fear porn from you rory?

          Rumour has it there’s quite a few quid to be made in that game.


          As for the ice-free arctic meme/lie, has any alarmist actually checked the facts? Well unfortunately they have. The Northabout, an Irish registered vessel, is attempting to circumnavigate the so-called ice-free Arctic this summer. Their biggest problem? Believe it or not: ice. Even their latest log entry mentions it.

          “Today in my morning watch things weren’t quite as idyllic. Over night we’d sailed into ice. I know, I said we shouldn’t be troubled by ice for a bit, I was wrong.”


          Here’s a Russian ice-chart published yesterday.


          See that orange bit? That’s 70% sea ice.

          As for the cheep laughs everybody seems to be mining from Danny Healy-Rae’s apparently mentioning Noah’s Ark well it’s a mythological reference to an actual historical event known as the Deluge (with evidence in the archeological record). In Ireland it is said to have rained for 40 years and the civilisation regressed between the bronze age and the iron age, following a huge exodus of the population.

          It was a completely natural phenomenon but rory and his alarmist buddies will probably blame charcoal fires and pre-hstoric SUVs.

          1. Zuppy International

            100 plus minutes to get through moderation? Hmmm…

            Well let me take this opportunity to correct a typo. It should be “cheap laughs”.

            And the Arctic ice material is in reference to rory’s guardian article by the lying mon-i-bot.

  7. DaithiG

    As half a Kerryman myself, I have to say that the people of South Kerry have to be ashamed of themselves for electing these people.

    It is on the whole electorate, not just those who actually voted for him. This man is a representative of your attitude to politics. Have ye no shame whatsoever?

        1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

          It’s okay Zuppy Unintentional.
          I didn’t read this far down the comments so I never saw it.

  8. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Wait a minute…I thought of a limerick…

    The thing about these Healy-Raes
    And it’s something that nobody says
    They’re not just good-lookers
    They’re also sheep farmers
    Sure you take what you can nowadays

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