Hello you.

‘sheet reader Sheila Larkin (above bottom right) with three months’ supply of Propercorn popcorn sent to her place of work yesterday.

Sheila won the snackage for proposing a blend of soy sauce and chopped fresh chilli as a new and controversial popcorn flavour.

Judges were particularly impressed by Sheila’s vow that she would, if conditions prevailed, “eat a self-refilling bowl of popcorn if it was put in front of me.”

A worthy winner we think yNOMNOMNOM

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30 thoughts on “Corn Free

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Good on ya Sheila!
    BTW, nothing beats grated parmesan and black pepper on the oul popcorn…nothing.

    1. Dόn 'The Unstoppable Force' Pídgéόní

      So have I. It does happen.

      Well done Sheila! I love that popcorn, well jel.

    2. Neilo

      Aye, still waiting for my dog gifts from last Christmas. Still, this place is free entertainment if a little murderous on the blood pressure.

  2. Catherine McEntee

    Congratulations Sheila :-}

    I’ve won something previously also, the competitions are genuine.

  3. Owen

    Good to see. I won twice…. and got NOTHING.

    One time I won a takeaway meal for two, with wine, and when I rang I and said I won on BS they told me… get this….. “we don’t deliver to Australia”! WTF like! Ever heard of T&C lads?? Cause I sure have and I saw NONE.

    The second time nobody said I actually won the price, but my repose comment was the best by a mile cause the rest of you much-savages are complete tards, even on a good day. I tried collecting the price and they told me “i’d been misinformed”. Which is odd, cause I was informed nothing by nobody. Liars.

    To be fair, my sister got the 1st price. But I technically got NOTHING.

    1. Owen

      + 1

      and yes, I gave myself a plus 1 and I’m not even going to take it away from myself. Nope, no OCD need to neutralise the interned today!

          1. Owen

            ah I try. But post lunch coffee fingers are more my problem, coupled with auto-correct.

            Christ, maybe i have die a beat ees AND the oul OCD.

            Sea what I did their.

          1. Owen


            Tish, please, this is not one of your fami-nazi lesbot games. This is a serious dose of manly OCD, and in order to remove the tick I must keep BS mathematically neutral.

  4. Catherine McEntee

    @ Owen

    I’m finishing it for you, you’ve cancelled yourself out, Owen. You are the weakest link, goodbye.

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