Will You Still Love Me Next Month?




This morning, with a TWENTY FIVE EURO Golden Discs voucher on offer, we asked you: Choose a song that sums up the oncoming month of  trembling possibilities, September?

You answered in your tens.

But there could only be one winner.

Notahipster‘ wins the voucher for selecting It Might As Well Rain Until September because:

“It was written by the greatest husband and wife songwriting team of all time, the great Carole King, and the late, great Gerry Goffin. A beautiful song of lost love. Sniff.”


Runners up:

Ivan: “For the month that will soon be in it, please play September Gurls by Big Star because no matter what month it is, life is always better with a bit of janglepop.”

Milfred St Meadowlark: “For the month that will soon be in it please play Forever Autumn by Jeff Wayne because it’s War of the Worlds and it’s a downright excellent song, along with the rest of the album. In fact, play it all. The original, not that new-fangled muck. Thank you…”

Andyourpointiswhatexactly:September Morn by Neil Diamond…Because my grandfather, Mum and now I all love(d) him.”

Harry Molloy: “For the month that’s about to be in in it please play Maggie May by Rod Stewart because it’s all about going back to school and leaving the older woman who took advantage of you over the summer. Story of my life.”

Damian: ‘For the month that will soon be in it, please play Hot for Teacher by Van Halen because starting secondary school. I thought the at least one of my teachers was going to be like the one in this video. I couldn’t have been more wrong, they were all male.”

Bobaldinho: “For the month that will soon be in it, please play George Harrison’s “Here Comes The Sun” because I live in Australia and its starting to warm up again.”

Thanks all

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