Up All Night To Get Unlucky




Pat Hickey greets Rio police last week

[Mr Pat Hickey’s[ lawyers’ statement says that, contrary to police reports, Mr Hickey did not try to escape when officers arrived at his hotel last Wednesday and did not try to resist arrest.

On account of insomnia, their client was using one of three rooms allocated to him and his family.

His lawyers said it would have been ridiculous for Mr Hickey to try to escape and go to the next room, which was officially booked to him.

They said that his wife was taken by surprise with almost ten officers standing at her door at 6am, and panicked.

Lawyers say Hickey did not try to escape police (RTE)

44 thoughts on “Up All Night To Get Unlucky

  1. Condescending nana

    his wife is another greedy ghoul well shocked I’m sure at seeing her expensive hollies tickets evaporating for good

    1. Neilo

      I dunno – tickets for the Hollies* have been very affordable since Graham Nash**did one.

      *Ask your nan
      ** Seriously, I’m really very old.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Lawyers, ticket touts, bathrobes, absconding CEOs, family junkets, Sports Ministers, seized passports, Copacabana Beach…this has the makings of a Netflix Mini-Series.

  3. AssPants

    Isn’t all this OCI scandal a real insight into how the elite and the elected view us, the “ordinary people”.

    Listen to all the shouting about how “awful” an Irish individual suspected of wrong doing in a foreign country has been treated. And we haven’t heard any reports on the many Irish supporters, both family and friends of competitors whom have being cheated from acquiring Olympic tickets due to the ticket touts appointed by the OCI.

    The more the “elite” continue to shout foul, the more they incriminate themselves.

    Oh and lets not forget the turncoat of Shane Ross; how many different inquiries has Mr Ross slammed, and how many times have we heard Mr Ross critique “another inquiry”. But maybe this inquiry might be different, because Mr Ross has explained this inquiry will go deeper than the Brazilian police inquiry……… And no doubt will find less than nothing to incriminate anybody because the AG will advise against it and that will be that.

    Sure who is even going to turn up at the inquiry, nobody, as nobody is obliged to. Much like how NAMA do business.

    1. LW

      I haven’t seen much shouting about him being treated awfully. But I agree completely about the inquiry, sure you could hold a non statutory inquiry yourself, and save us all a fortune

  4. Ironballs_McGinty

    “Yeah, check Ireland first. I think that’s where he said he was going. If he’s not there, he could be in the next room.”

  5. Tish Mahorey

    “They said that his wife was taken by surprise with almost ten officers standing at her door at 6am, and panicked.”

    Yeah well most people panic when found out by the cops. So she didn’t mean to tell them that her husband had already gone back to Ireland? She was aiding and abetting and could find herself charged too.

  6. moroccan rug dealer

    Oh dear! Didnt she say he had already left for Ireland’s green shores? Now that he has his mullet shaved it gives a whole new meaning to a brazilian….. Quit the sympathy, alot of undercover work done before he exited his business class flight, checked in to his luxury hotel. The traps were set since 2012 in London.

  7. dav

    ANy word on how much money was wasted on Keeping an empty hotel room on stand bye for John Delaney in case he decided to fly over for the olympics.

  8. 15 cent

    i hope they arent segregating his from the rest of the prisoners. genuinely want him to get to know other prisoners.

  9. Kdoc1

    ” … lawyers’ statement says that, contrary to police reports, Mr Hickey did not try to escape …”
    How do they know that for certain: they weren’t there,

    1. Kieran NYC

      Because that’s his story and they’re paid to at least pretend to believe him. That’s how it works.

  10. Peter

    Hickey – ‘We should get a statement out as soon as possible, the accusation I was hiding with an intention to run is false. I was legitimately sleeping in a spare room in the hotel. The people need to know.’

    Lawyer – ‘ Great great, that will help clear up a misconception. Now Pat, onto the bigger issue. What’s the story with the ticket sales?’


    Hickey – ‘Eh, lets get the story about the room hiding out for now. That’s all people really care about. Right, we done’

  11. some old queen

    If Brazil police do not have a water tight case then they are going to look like fools. Inviting media to an international arrest is as confident as it gets. Of course this has nothing to do with Hickey supporting the inclusion of particular subsets of the Russian crew.

    Nothing whatsoever.

  12. :-Joe

    I can’t wait for the episode of “Banged Up Abroad” with this greedy gurrier and his shaved head, prison tat’s etc. in about four years time.

    “The police stormed our room in the middle of the night…. I had my wife delay them but I couldn’t flush all 2,000 tickets and jam all the spare cash back up my arse fast enough…”

    Haha.. this story is hilarious, what a bloody clown… I hope they keep him in Brazil until he cop’s himself on and admits it because he’ll squirm his way out of it, like all the other invertibrates in this country if he makes it back to Ireland.


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