Small Firm Handshake


AJ Noonan. Pic: Feargal Ward 22/01/15

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From top: AJ Noonan, William Campbell

Small Firms’ Association spokesperson AJ Noonan talks to William Campbell of the Here’s How podcast about their pre-budget submission.

William writes:

Land needs to be freed up for house building. Will giving tax breaks to landowners achieve that? The discussion is, ah, lively….

Listen here

Pic: Fergal Ward

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13 thoughts on “Small Firm Handshake

  1. DubLoony

    They have hoarded land to push up prices and now want a tax break to release it?

    High density, In-fill derelict sites first before a blade of grass is disturbed.

  2. 15 cent

    i havent listened to this but goin by the picture Noonan looks like your typical irish businessman. can someone confirm or deny this please?

  3. Turgenev

    Why does land need to be ‘freed up’ when there are 260,000 empty houses, plus uncounted AirBnB apartments that could be used?

    1. Mourinho

      Do you not think the AirBnb apartments are useful to the economy?

      The hotels are full anyway.

      1. Turgenev

        AirBnB in a lot of cases are empty a lot of the time. They’d be more useful if they were rented as living space.

        The hotels are full? Not when I book.

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