You May Like This: Tenro



Tenronew single from electronic power-duo

What you may need to know…

01. Tenro ply an oddly trippy, contemplative ambient electronica, busy, yet sparse.

02. Comprised of Marc Aubele (Nanu Nanu, Bell x1) and Brian Conniffe (CatscarsNurse With Wound), the duo have been slowly working on their debut full-length inbetween live appearances and cryptic social media postings.

03. Streaming above is single Vimana, replete with suitably psychedelic (and possibly not for the light-sensitive) visual accompaniment.

04. The duo’s debut album comes out through Little Gem Records next month.

VERDICT: Fragments of recognisable musical reference points abound, but escape the grasp as quickly as the next one appears. These lads aren’t for pigeonholing, and all the better for it.


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    are these the same lads who guffawed at Orbital in an NME interview 15 years ago?

    on a bellend 1 song ….Una Mullally named it number 46 in her 2008 ultimate playlist

    say no more

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