Eamonn High And Low



From top: Dessie O’Malley and Charlie Bird in 1985; Charlie Bird and Eamonn Farrell last night with a portrait of Haughey; Eamonn Farrell at the Hunt Museum

Last night.

The Hunt Museum, Limerick.

Charlie Bird launches an exhibition of photos from the career of Charles Haughey and his Limerick nemesis Dessie O’Malley by veteran photographer Eamonn Farrell, who runs the Rollingnews picture agency and is long term friend of the ‘sheet.

Charles Haughey: Power, Politics, Public Image And Desmond O’Malley runs until November 20.

Eamonn Farrell at the Hunt Museum

Pics: Eamonn Farrell, Rollingnews


7 thoughts on “Eamonn High And Low

  1. dan

    Next month, continuing his theme of photographic exhibitions of gangsters, Charlie displays his Dundon McCarthy portfolio

  2. Guess Who

    If any Irish journalists were worth their salt, Ireland would be a far less corrupt place than it is.

    They’re complicit.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Too true, prescient one, too true. Journalism now consists of e.g. Niamh Horan talks to someone’s ex,(who is now a ‘blogger’) about how independent and ‘out there’ she is. Alternatively, some drone talks to some Gaaaaah player about depression (and gambling ;-)). THAT is Journalism in this country.

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