22 thoughts on “There Must Be A Catch

  1. Starina

    i’d say there must be some fierce damp in there if there’s no heating. house looks nice, wonder what they mean by “run down”.

    1. Leoppold Gloom

      People leave house shares all the time, but I bet what is happening more than ever is that people are pushing their rent increases onto new tenants and further muddying the waters and not being entirely honest about how much all the rent is, 980 p.m. not a chance

  2. Harry Molloy

    can somebody contact them and ask why there’s no heating and if they’re planning on hibernating for winter??

      1. DubLoony

        €70 quid little lifesavers. Needed a few when my boiler went kaput a few years ago & my pipes froze.
        Fun times.

        1. martco

          but but but according to Pat Kenny there’s plenty of certain types of people who will leave their taps running to stop those pipes freezing, water that has to be paid for by someone!!?!?!
          I can only assume that you are not one of those types of people as Pat is always right about everything

  3. Paddy

    Suitable for Eskimos. Which reminds me of the story of the Eskimo reading his child a nursery rhyme
    ‘Little Jack Horner sat in the corner…..’ When the child interrupted him and asked ‘Daddy – what’s a corner?’

  4. Spagnolia von Hoop

    Why do people rent? I bought in my early twenties – it’s an easy ride after that and you escape all of those greedy Dublin / absentee landowners and shysters.

    1. Feidlim MacSásta

      I would advise people to do that if possible, even they plan on traveling for most of their 20s. Just rent it out while you’re away and have an estate agent manage it. You can buy a small house in a country town somewhere and then sell it when you want something to live in later.

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