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A 1964 Citroën DS 19 Decapotable – its shark-like, low-drag chassis (designed by coachbuilder Henri Chapron) underpinned by Citroën’s (cutting edge at the time) self levelling hydro-pneumatic suspension, power assisted brakes, clutch and steering.

Three careful owners and a full restoration later, it’s currently at auction, listed between €135,000 and €175,000.


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18 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          It sure has it’s perks…

          I just wish it were true. I’m just a worker ant, really.

    1. Neilo

      No mid-life crisis man would buy this car. He’ll try for a 911 Turbo but settle for a Boxster, or more realistically, a Mazda MX-5.

      1. martco

        mx5 is a decent little cart in fairness
        top tip for relatively cheap midlife fun tho is a well cared for Honda S2000…would have one over a crappy bockster anytime

      2. rotide

        people give the mx5 such a hard time. I had one and loved it and would never bother with a porsche

    2. Niallo

      B@lls, I wouldnt have one, but its still a poor mans Delahaye.
      Or should we all be rockin Priuii ? Philistine.

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