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The art of 29 year old Italian boxer and painter Omar Hassan, who stretches his canvases over cardboard to prevent them tearing as he pounds them with paint-dipped boxing gloves. The ‘paintings’ – part of a series he calls ‘Breaking Through Milano’ – sell for between €8,000 and €40,000 apiece, which he calls “a great satisfaction, but not the goal”.


14 thoughts on “Punchy

  1. Anomanomanom

    So thousands of euro for something anybody can literally do just as well. Well good luck to him, its nice to see someone making idiots part with money so easily.

    1. Paul

      anyone can do it, but nobody did, that’s the point of a lot of expressionist and abstract art. They do the thinking and the doing so you can either buy it, like it, critique it or gripe.

    1. Caroline™

      Thanks boys for shielding me from those horrid aspersions on my sexual preferences, which are of course wide-ranging and in no way limited to handsome tough guys.

  2. Mollie

    Ah come on, every child in junior infants comes home with pictures of their hands, fingers and punch postures which they’ve painted, nothing new.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Salvador Dali went through a phase of shooting ink onto canvas to create his art. Jackson Pollock did a lot of Spatter painting. Art isn’t just fruitbowls and landscapes.

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