7 thoughts on “Egg And Soldiers

  1. Harry Molloy

    What kind of role would the military police have in Ireland? I wonder do they just need to be there as a facility within the army establishment but are something that we’ve had little use for yet?

  2. forfeckssake

    “The Military Police are responsible for the prevention and investigation of offences, the enforcement of discipline and the general policing of the Defence Forces. In wartime, additional tasks include the provision of a traffic control organisation to allow rapid movement of military formations to their mission areas. Other wartime roles include control of prisoners of war and refugees. Traditionally, the Military Police have also considerable involvement at state and ceremonial occasions.

    In recent years the Military Police have been deployed on many UN missions including in the former Yugoslavia (SFOR).”


    1. Harry Molloy


      yeah I assumed the first paragraph would be their function but probably little used in Ireland.
      Was totally unaware of the second paragraph.
      I’ll have to get Google some day

  3. Mick Lamass

    Can’t say I thought much of Clarke, service is iffy, food nothing spectacular, price was pretty good. So a perfect fit for our boys (and girls) in camo.

  4. Paddy

    Not to mention the Taxi parked half on the footpath, the other half on double yellow lines, almost at a pedestrian crossing. I take it that the army police can’t issue penalty points.

  5. Chris

    What about a Military Fire Brigade, now that I’d join, fighting fire with fire baby, whoop whoop!

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