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Nylon Primateinstrumentals from Sons Phonetic beatman

What you may need to know…

01. Waterford man Rabiah Zaruq, a.k.a. Mook, beatmaker and one-sixth of the Sons Phonetic collective, is branching out solo, as Nylon Primate.

02. Heading into instrumentals for the majority of the new record, Zaruq extends his reach from backdrops to soundscaping, playing equally with ambience and beats.

03. Streaming above is the video for leadoff tune Matador, featuring Irish hip-hop legend/Scary Éire man RíRá on wordsmithery duties.

04. The Mancala E.P. releases next Monday online, via Limerick beats house Unscene Music.

Verdict: At the blissed-out intersection of psychedelia, beats and ambient noises, there’s much to be discovered among Nylon Primate’s layers of sound.

Nylon Primate

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