Anything You Say Will Be Taken Down




This morning.

Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan addresses the Justice Committee on the treatment of whistleblowers in the force and other matters.

More as we get it.

Watch live from Committee Room 2 here

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15 thoughts on “Anything You Say Will Be Taken Down

  1. perricrisptayto

    The guilt is all over her face.
    Dead person walking…. (away with a massive golden handshake and millionaire’s pension)

      1. Neilo

        Ah yes, peace keepers and violent racketeers are one and the same. How can I have been so blind? Sorry, Dona Noirina!

  2. Bonkers

    Clare Daly said that she has proof the Commissioner was aware of the campaign of intimidation against Maurice McCabe. Today was about giving her enough rope to wrap around her neck, the fireworks have yet to be lit on this one but it wont be long.

  3. Neilo

    Let’s see the proof, so. If it can be established definitively that the Commissioner was tacitly encouraging such a campaign then we can reach for the torches and pitchforks.

    1. ahjayzis

      It’s such a shame we have to hang tight for half a decade before we get answers for things like this. A retired judge must be found. he has to assemble a team, take up an office, etc.

      At what point do we realise that we have to do this so often, several times a year, we may as well set up a proper bureau of investigations for it?

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