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This afternoon.

Mark Malone writes:

U-turning US troop carrier from Shannon. This is a highly unusual maneuvere. Not a mechanical fault as would have landed already….Flight path was cleared to Greece. U-turn saw it overflying US Ramstein base


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    1. Boy M5

      “extraordinary rendition”

      Otherwise known as kidnapping and people trafficking across borders to be held without trial for an indefinite amount of time but usually until it’s realised that you were just a joe soap who a jealous neighbour falsely accused of being a ‘terrorist’.

      If any other country in the world did what the US did to thousands of innocent men, there would be an outcry. But nah, the so called fight for freedom is just a fight for control of capitalist markets in the middle east. And anyone who gets in the way to protect their own country and people is called a terrorist and taken out.

      The Irish Government turns a blind eye. And if that ever changes here, you can be sure there’ll be a coup staged to return FF/FG to power. Make no mistake about who controls the government in this country.

  1. Frankly

    They flew the plane from Shannon and then they flew it back to Shannon. So now , the plane is in Shannon.

    1. Paddy

      But didn’t land en route. Test drive? Why no details of destination, even if it was SNN?
      So much for the environment

      1. Frankly

        These guys are really good plane flyers. They are the best at plane flying. Nobody is as good at plane flying as these guys.

        1. Frankly

          Exactly, and this is what scares the hell out of most people. If a plane flyer makes a
          plane go in the air and it goes in the air and stays there for say, I dunno twenty minutes maybe longer and you have a fear of flying then you’re going to find yourself somewhere between scared and real fuppin scared and scared fuppin pooless. That’s what happened to my brother when he shat himself. Sound familiar ? Cause that’s what happens.

  2. What's our vector Victor?

    And an Italian airforce Dassault Falcon 900EX arrived in SNN 15 minutes before they landed back…….

    1. Frilly Keane


      I reckon they’d delegate votes at the County Board meeting and were just making sure Jerry Sull got thru

  3. Dead Head

    If there was a tech issue with the aircraft you’ll probably find they have the necessary parts and know how to sort it in Shannon instead of getting the aircraft grounded elsewhere. Simply.

    1. dav

      well, the locals know their place in shannon, won’t ask awkward questions, just knuckle forehead and say ” yes master”

  4. Turgenev

    Pilot left his hanky behind in Shannon. Or maybe his reading glasses. Or the duty-free salmon for the mammy.

  5. TheQ47

    The day after this flight (i.e., yesterday) the plane followed the same route, but kept going instead of doing a U-turn, and landed in Chania, Crete.

    Just under 2 hours later, it left Chania and went to Kuwait.

    This morning, it flew from Kuwait to Quatar, and is still there.

    Ain’t the internet great?

  6. David Gantly

    It’s not uncommon for FR24 to show a continuous flight path, even if the plane has landed. It may be something to do with turnaround time, but I know I’ve seen Irish Air corps planes on patient transports ‘seem’ to just fly over London or wherever in a loop, and come back, whereas they actually landed for a brief period. I’m no expert and could be wrong, but I have definitely seen this happen before.

    1. Frankly

      Makes a lot of sense. Back when all flight paths were analogue you would hear people saying stuff
      but not anymore. I use a frequencer and that does the job but I don’t envy you, no siree. Blink and its
      like you’re up there trying to catch the pigeon while folks are jackin off in your face. Still, you just got to
      take it on the chin and move on. With Fr24 in the picture nothing would surprise me not even a but plug.

  7. Jones

    They had to leg it back because they found a scruffy loon wearing a Napoli jersey clinging to the landing gear.

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