Recipe For Disaster



John Keenan writes:

Electrician parking in a bus stop outside Chopped in Fairview [in Dublin 3] today at midday. Driver turned on the hazards and joined the salad queue. Buses had to stop in the traffic lane for passengers. Wheelchair users would have had a blast.


28 thoughts on “Recipe For Disaster

  1. Boy M5

    Blurring out the number plate is entirely pointless and not required if photographed in public. It’s adding to a misconception and timidness in reporting.

  2. H

    The buses in London have cameras on board to catch and prosecute anyone parked at a stop, maybe Dublin us could try that

    1. noc

      There are often cars parked with hazards on outside shops on this stretch of bus lane. And private cars queued up in the bus lane at rush hour giving the filthies to, aggressively undertaking and beeping at drivers who have the temerity, after queuing the the correct lane, to try to merge into the left-most lane near the Malahide rd junction. A bit of garda oversight there from time to time might help deter this selfish behaviour.

      1. Boy M5

        That’s a pet hate of mine, bus lane invaders. One car with one person impeding a bus with 50 people on it. That’s pure selfishness.

      1. B Hewson

        Sure it would be against the human rights of drivers in Ireland for Dublin bus to prosecute using cameras in this way.

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