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Auntie’s visiting…

BBC World Service write:

As Europe grapples with the big issues of migration, the economy and securityBBC World Questions comes to Dublin on Wednesday, November 9 [at 6pm].

In an edition from The Printworks, Dublin Castle, Jonathan Dimbleby will chair the debate and invite members of the public to question a panel of politicians and thinkers on the big issues affecting Ireland and post-Brexit Europe, including Leo Varadkar, Minister for Social Protection and Mary Lou McDonald, Deputy Leader of Sinn Féin.

Crucially, no one on the panel knows what will be asked until the night itself. Be part of the audience and have your say in a debate that will be heard around the world….

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7 thoughts on “Live From Dublin

  1. phil

    WHAT! How can we expect an Irish politician to answer a question if he hasnt been given the question and answer before the show?

  2. Jake38

    “Crucially, no one on the panel knows what will be asked until the night itself…”

    Mc Donald doesn’t need to know. She will always say,

    “I support Gerry fully. Anyone with information should go to the PSNI, …..”.

    That’s it.

  3. DubLoony

    Mary Lou’s attitude to EU will be interesting – SF have campaigned against every single EU referendum, with fear mongering over European army.

    Will any Unionists be taking part? Its the BBC after all.

    1. Neilo

      For balance there should be, but there probably won’t as it looks to be dwelling more on Mexico than the other side of the sheugh.

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