‘The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Who I Am Voting For’




Why do people choose The Donald?

From Trumpland (2016) documentary filmmaker Michael Moore explains what will motivate people to vote for Donald Trump in the November US elections.

Some NSFW language.

Donald Trump Agrees With Michael Moore (Fox)



What are the most damaging Hillary/Wilieaks revelations to date?

There’s a website for that.

Most Damaging Wikileaks


There you go now.

New Emails in Clinton Case Came From Anthony Weiner’s Electronic Devices (New York Times)

22 thoughts on “‘The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Who I Am Voting For’

  1. ivan


    “Of course, the clip making the rounds cuts Moore off mid-sentence, leaving out the rest of his point: “It will feel good—for a day. You know, maybe a week. Possibly a month.”

    Then he adds, “Because you used the ballot as an anger management tool and now you’re f**ked.”


    Here’s what TrumpLand really is: a quiet, personal and sympathetic plea to vote for Hillary Clinton, aimed at people who don’t like her.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Yeah, that is what I reckoned he would add to the bit that is in the video.

      I wish he had made a movie before Brexit – because enough people wanted to show their anger, they voted out. It may still feel good but they have ‘fing Boris as Foreign Secretary and Rudd talking about counting the number of foreigners working for each company.

    1. Gav D

      Its not great. Just Moore up on stage talking for 90 minutes. Simple propaganda speech. Not a documentary and barely a movie.

      I love him normally, but he doesnt say anything that couldn’t have been distilled from 90 minutes down to 10.

  2. f_lawless

    I think he’s off the mark when he start’s lauding the egalitarian nature US voting system. Firstly, think of the nominee process where the DNC conspired to keep Sanders out using the “Super Delegate” system amongst other methods. Also, the “one person, one vote” in the election itself has been been subverted. Approximately 25% of all votes are exposed to being potentially “fractionalised” by the GEMS election management system, allowing some votes to count more than others and so swing an election.

    1. Mr Reality

      She’s going to be saying her closing speech whilst under criminal investigation, I think that’s a first for a candidate

  3. petey

    i was well sick of rightwing bloviators yelling “it’s all in wikileaks!” without citing any of them, so i’m glad there a site now that collects the “damaging” ones. i read through about the first 20 and … yeah, just as i thought.

  4. jimmy russell

    this place is turning into a right wing hate site, how are negative views and opinions of President Hillary Clinton allowed? ugh hopefully this kind of blatant misogyny sill be outlawed when she assumes office.

  5. Turgenev

    Yeah, people will listen to a man who promises them what they know they should rightfully have; they won’t look back and see how many small traders he stiffed when he was in business.
    Like the people in Britain who came home glowing and said, “Well, I showed ’em; I voted Leave as a protest”, and then woke up the next morning to find that they’d actually voted Britain out of the EU, the American poor will find that they voted for a convincing snake-oil salesman as a protest, and now they have to live on the snake oil he’s sold them while he tantrums them out of trade associations and into wars, and appoints judges who will jail women who have abortions, jail his political opponents, condemn people to death whose grandfathers were enslaved, and rob the poor to give to the rich.

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