Vote Like A Pirate Day


Thousands of Icelanders rally in Reykjavik on April 9, 2016 to demand immediate elections on a sixth consecutive day of anti-government protests over the "Panama Papers" revelations which have already toppled the prime minister. / AFP / HALLDOR KOLBEINS (Photo credit should read HALLDOR KOLBEINS/AFP/Getty Images)

Valhalla, they are coming.

Ahead of the General Election in Iceland tomorrow [results Saturday night], a look at The Pirate Party, a collection of internet activists from both left and right that may help form a new government in the land of the midnight sun.

Couldn’t happen here.


Pirate party prepares for first major win in Iceland elections (New Scientist)

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8 thoughts on “Vote Like A Pirate Day

  1. human

    Sometimes working-class people used to frighten left-wing people, but they pretended that they weren’t frightened and were nice to them

    1. classter

      There may be reasons to criticise the Icelandic Pirate Party but the (possible) muder by a single member of a different party also using the Pirate label in another country is hardly one of them.

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