14 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Harry Molloy

    So the Commissioner told all staff that they must show up for work even if they have leave booked or are on a rest day. Well that’s hardly going to go down well

      1. Boy M5

        “often wondered why their top brass behave with an army mentality”

        Because they essentially are a paramilitary force rather than a normal municipal police force.

  2. Neilo

    There is a paramilitary force masquerading as a bulwark of our civil and political establishment and An Garda Síochána ain’t it.

  3. whut

    bullish, and anti-productive response from o’sullivan. pretty much tryin to control the cops like a teacher to student. simply ‘giving out’ and threats dont work in these arenas.

    1. Gero

      Mass defiance of O’Sullivan’s orders will be more damaging to her career rather than to the thousands who will disobey leaving her position untenable.

      1. whut

        yep, good point. she’s set herself up for a fall. thinking everyone will heel to her bark is a mistake.

  4. dav

    There won’t be a water privatisation meter installed on Friday, without their security detail, redacted must be furious

  5. Junkface

    They should go on strike. The world needs to see how f****ed up it is to be living in Ireland at the moment. Everything is so badly managed, even the police.

  6. Neilo

    Profoundly effed up. Internment, summary justice, kleptocracy, people dying of hunger, bombing raids. Ireland’s a mess. Race you to the dinghies?

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