Just A Little Prick



This afternoon.

Fine Gael Minister Simon Harris receives the seasonal flu vaccine from Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan today to highlight the importance of people in at-risk groups getting vaccinated against influenza.

A wee jab, no harm.


74 thoughts on “Just A Little Prick

          1. petey

            “‘European’ An identity devised by a bunch of German industrialists”

            and by herodotus followed by the roman catholic church.
            not that that sells it, but it is a fact.

      1. ahjayzis

        You’re not Irish, human. Only actual people have nationalities, you’re just an inanimate feedback loop of misery.

          1. ahjayzis

            haha gud 1 hun u tld him hun xxx

            Where do you spew bile from if not your gob anyway? Basic biology, babes.

            I really do feel sorry for you lot, the world must be a terrifyingly lonely place for people who just don’t *get* basic humanity. Your frustration as to why everyone doesn’t hate everyone else must be immense.

          1. ahjayzis

            We have nationalities – whether you make that your identity is your choice, just don’t presume to make it mine.

            I’ve never set foot in a GAA club, I don’t speak Irish, I don’t enjoy diddly-idle music and I don’t sh1t myself when I see a black person.

          2. Tony

            Interesting view of irishness there. Is that all there is to it? Seems like a tired lazy cliche’ed version to me. Can you do better?

  1. Brother Barnabas

    that’s definitely a member of cabinet there, just in case anyone was thinking it couldn’t possibly be the case

    1. Billy Kremlin

      Funnily enough I was actually in school with him. He was known for being a bit pervy (albeit seemingly unintentionally) at house parties. He was never beaten up though.

  2. jonjo

    Haha an apt headline – thats exactly what i think everytime i see/hear him…
    And +1… he looks a bit ropey there alright!!

    1. realPolithicks

      Get a grip, he’s 30 years old….and speaking of which, why is a 30 year old man receiving a flu shot?

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        How can you say ‘Get a grip’ and then go on to point out the lunacy of it?
        Get a grip.

      2. ahjayzis

        Well he sounds like an 80 year old woman when he talks, this could be a reverse Mrs. Doubtfire scenario.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Let’s comment on him because he’s a pro-austerity for everyone but his felllow politicians Blueshite.

  3. Turgenev

    He’s at risk because he suffers from Crohn’s. That’s why he’s getting the flu shot and publicising the fact that others need to do the same.

    He’s inherited the bloody awful job of trying to fix a broken health service in a country suffering from the horrible effects of inequality, exacerbated by a national culture of eating and drinking too much and exercising too little, and using big cars to carry its fat arses from house to work to house.

    Give the guy a break.

    1. Yep

      He has of yet given no reason to “give him a break”. He existed before accepting his portfolio and he did not come across as a man of the people. The opposite actually.

      Crohns is pretty rough though…

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Because of Harris and his ilk, junkfood is cheaper to buy than fruit and veg, big cars are being bought on bizarre HP schemes and will all be reposessed in the next 2 years. Harris inherited the health service from FG’s Varadkar and Reilly who stripped them to the bone so private hospitals owned by their benefactor Redacted O’Bribe could profit substantially through the health insurance FG made manditory.

      Harris is just another time wasting Yes man, selling his soul and the country to the vultures.

      1. B Bop

        And also selling needless toxic vaccines to the masses along with harmful advertising campaigns all women to get more needless harmful mammograms.
        (A harmless ultrasound works the same)
        Do your research sheeple!

    3. SOQ

      He inherited a job managing a system which favored a class based private health care system from the time when the Catholic Church governed.

      Off topic but I am pretty sure James is the best hospital in Ireland (north or south) but trying to build bullsh|t on professionals not management leaves me angry.

  4. Ivor

    I laughed but is name calling not something we should try to move above?

    If you sent this picture in an email around an office with the headline as a title and Harris was your coworker, you’d find yourself on a bullying disciplinary pretty quickly.

    1. Yep

      And would it be the same response in say….an aquarium? A butchers?…not the ISS??

      Hmmm. Tis one to ponder. Great point. Well made.

      Take tomorrow off.

  5. topsy

    Did he pay for that jab. Course not. A person his age getting a flu jab is a complete waste of resources.

  6. Andy

    Comments are eye opening. Throwing insults at someone based on how they look..

    Who knew this place was populated by muscle bound Adonises?

    1. Mr Reality

      Yea terrible isn’t Andy I mean this noble pharma pr stunt Harris is pulling is really going far to solve the A+E hospital bed situation

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