On The Verge Of ANARCHY




In a statement this afternoon, the AGSI said that its negotiators have left the Labour Court and are now meeting its National Executive “to discuss issues raised during this morning’s meeting which began at 10am.

“This includes discussing a possible ballot of our members.”

The AGSI said that it is due to return to the Labour Court at 5pm.

Earlier the GRA asked 18 units, including organised crime and immigration, not to join their garda colleagues in tomorrow’s strike action.

It said this will ensure a skeletal service to protect the security of the State, prevent and detect serious crime and preserve vital evidence.

With less than 24 hours to go, tomorrow’s garda strike is still set to proceed.

More as we get it.

GRA and Dept of Justice officials summoned to Labour Court (RTÉ)


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26 thoughts on “On The Verge Of ANARCHY

  1. Cot

    Well, tom. will be a rest for the homeless and immigrants. Gardai are always harassing them unfairly. Same with travelers. And if they’re not working, the Gardai can’t do anything corrupt. It’ll work out fine.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    What a laugh. I heard part of the Joe Duffy show on the radio as I was driving yesterday – pure comedy gold. There’s gonna be an awful lot of disappointed shot gun owners if there is no mass attack by travellers and scobies!

  3. ahjayzis

    “Earlier the GRA asked 18 units, including organised crime and immigration, not to join their garda colleagues in tomorrow’s strike action.”

    So good of them.

    When will their leadership be arrested and charged for sedition, out of interest?

  4. DubLoony

    Not a dickie bird happened during the blue flu last time.
    Bizarre as it may seem, most people are law abiding.

    And they will spend tonight sharpening any garden implement they have.

    1. Jackdaw

      Apart from a Provo cash in transit robbery in which one of them got suitable reaction from the ERU.

    2. ahjayzis

      The blue flue isn’t at all comparable though. This is a strike orchestrated by the bodies representing 98% of gardai.

  5. Daisy Chainsaw

    Crime happens when Gardai aren’t striking, so I expect nothing different to happen.

    100% behind AGS over this.

    1. mauriac

      they’re not allowed to strike and are breaking their oaths.will their court testimonies be accepted after this?
      the gardai should be broken up into local,paramilitary and internal and external intelligence agencies.

  6. Peter Dempsey

    there’s nothing on Rabble about the strike. It must be difficult for them to take a stance given the viewpoints that many of their readers hold. Eg “All cops are b2stards” or “Gardai protect property and all property is theft”

  7. Boy M5

    Lar will be surprised when he gets a court summons and a photo of his mad grinning face behind the wheel.

    1. Yeah, Ok

      Hopefully; the amount of people who think bus lane laws are just there to annoy them is bizarre.

  8. Badatmemesupsidedown

    Any fool who thinks there won’t be any Garda presence today is a fool.
    Instead of trying to diminish their legitimate argument with flippancy you could be extra vigilant and useful for a day…

    Just sayin’…

    1. Bort

      Garda presence? When do you see a Garda presence? They’re unbelievably under resourced. I was talking to a Garda pal of mine who works in Pearse St and he told me that at multiple times throughout any given night there will be literally zero Garda on the street. That’s scary

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