40 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Paddy

    Picture of Clinton talking to her team says it all. Her mouth isn’t even open. Mmmmm MM mmmmm mmmm wheeze, mmmmm mmmmm mmm m

  2. Badatmemesupsidedown

    You know that phrase, ‘There can only be one winner’?
    My prediction and hope is that there’s only one loser, because that’s what he deserves.
    If he wins we ALL lose. Worldwide.

    1. SOQ

      Exactly. Hitler came to power because ‘he got things done’ so be very careful what you wish for or in some people’s cases, wish against. Like it or not this IS zero sum politics.

      Any word on these earth shattering leaks from Wiki yet Bodger? Even Assange doesn’t seem to know what you are talking about because if there was such a bomb shell then he would at least be hinting at it.

      Be aware that some of us will not forgive you for this if you do not come up with the goods. Tick Tock.

      1. f_lawless

        I think you’re just not seeing the bigger picture SOQ.
        In reality it’s not going to make much difference which of these two deplorable candidates gets in. Both have strong ties to financial elites and neither are properly addressing the burning issues in the US today and the in wider world – disasterous wars abroad, vastly uneven wealth distribution, the crumbling US economy, the environmental crisis, etc.
        As a side note, I think the power of the US presidential office to dictate things like foreign policy is over-estimated. There’s no way the Pentagon would to let Trump’s finger anywhere near a red button. You only have to look at Obama who got elected on a platform of ending the wars in the M. East. Once elected, those wars escalated immediately
        Also, it’s a nonsense to try to frame Hilary as the more viable candidate whether more Wikileaks revelations or forthcoming or not. Just taking Libya, she bears a large brunt of the responsibilty when pushed for invasion while acting as US Secretary of State. It precipitated that nations descent into chaos and destruction. Millions of lives devastated. Have you really grasped the enormity of that? Either she didn’t care enough about the consequences for Libyan citizens or she was too naive to learn the lessons from Afghanistan or Iraq. Although I suspect the former, either way she is most definitely unfit for presidential office.

        More Americans need to start breaking free from the mantra they’re constantly fed that voting for a third party candidate is “throwing your vote away”. That system of constantly voting for the lesser of two evils is why things have gotten so bad.

        If I were a US citizen, I’d vote Jill Stein. If she manages to get 5% of the vote, it means that for the next election campaign, the Green Party will have access to the same millions in Federal grants that the two establishment parties currently receive. That would be a major positive gained from this quagmire.

  3. bisted

    …crooked Hillarys expectation of a coronation seem to has been stopped in their tracks…I believe it’s traditional to say *popcorn*

        1. Clampers Outside!

          “With us or against us” GW Bush

          We all know how that turned out. It’s not b&w and dissing either candidate does not mean support for the other. That’s absolutist.

          And it’s bullpoo.

          1. Nigel

            In terms of some of the commenters, it’s not so much Trump vs Clinton as it is malignant stupidity vs the Enlightenment.

      1. Nigel

        It is the way you do it. Most of the others and Bodger have said it outright. The quality of your anti-ness counts more than the anti-ness itself, and yours sucks.

    1. Badatmemesupsidedown

      And when I say ‘knobheads’ I’m only referring to the people who don’t agree with me.
      The rest of you are sound.

    2. Termagant

      “Gosh it truly is a darn shame that not only do people have opinions that differ from mine but they’re completely free to air those opinions without recrimination”

      1. Nigel

        Er, you’re NOT free to air them on what is effectively a public space without recrimination. Quality of opinion counts for something whatever side it’s coming from. I’ll grant you’re the least trollish and most reasonable of the ant-Clinton lot, and that’s not supposed to be a back-handed complement, I disagree with you but you can hold your side of an argument without screaming SHILL at the slightest disagreement. Look at the quality of comments by the likes of Mr Reality and human and Captain Freegear. They’ve been setting the bar pretty flippin’ low for a while now.

        1. Mr Reality

          Righteousness from Nigel, the man who defends black market rackateer Soros and reckons anyone who doesn’t agree with him is a net troll

          1. Mr Reality

            Incidentally George Soros is linked to the Clinton foundation through his nephew Peter who appears on podesta emails in relation to a suspected paedophile ring

          2. Nigel

            I think you need the Nigel in your head, the one you have amazing conversations with where you cruelly and brilliantly put me in my place, to answer that question, not the actual me.

          3. SOQ

            Given that about half the posters on this site are about to leave on Tuesday morning, we may find satisfaction in that you may do so also. Oh no wait you can’t.. you own it.

            Night MaryEllen. o/*

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