Staying In Tomorrow Night?



Teresa Mannion

Don’t make unnecessary journeys.

Sinéad Harrington writes:

Former Westlife star and The Voice of Ireland judge Kian Egan and his wife, actress and fashion guru Jodi Albert will join Ray on the couch this Satuday night.

Former World Boxing Champion, Bernard Dunne, will chat to Ray about turning storyteller in his new six part RTÉ series called Bernard Dunne’s Mythical Heroes.
RTÉ News journalist Teresa Mannion will speak for the first time on national television about her recent battle with breast cancer.
Doyenne of newsreading Anne Doyle will also return with another edition of The Ray D’Arcy Show Good News bulletin. This follows a massive response to her debut as our “Good News” guest anchor last month….

*burns imaginary telly licence*

The Ray D’Arcy Show tomorrow night on RTÉ One at 9:50pm.

Pic: RTÉ


13 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow Night?

  1. aoh

    FFS. As usual, some of the guests would be good to hear but having to put up with Ray makes the whole show intolerable – bit like the Late Late

  2. Paddy

    God help us. The gene pool is so small in this country. Who next? Gaybo? Mike Murphy? Gaybo’s first poo?

  3. topsy

    Total poo. Mary O’ Rourke must be due another outing on Darcy or the LL. Paying a licence fee for that trash and constant repeats of repeats. Also newsreaders and presenters stumbling throughout their presentations. Oh forgot to mention that insufferable bore Brendan O’ Connor on the pseudo intellectual “Cutting Edge” pretence of a programme.
    Jesus wept.

  4. Jake38

    Christ. My breast cancer battle. Again. Does one RTE drone have to get breast cancer every year? Is it a union rule?

  5. Fully Keen

    Would it be bad to just wait until an interesting guest can be paid to travel from outside the RTÉ canteen?


    Just save up and maybe just do 3 or 4 average shows with semi interesting guests. Instead of 5 woejus shows in a row?

    But that wouldn’t sell ads to those middle aged, middle of the road, dead eyed, dry hole zombies every week.

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