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The 1982 Toyota FJ43 Aspen Edition – a Toyota Land Cruiser modified by the FJ Company (which specialises in such things), redesigned (with an upgraded 201bhp, 5 speed engine and a plethora of accessories) to cope more comfortably with the sub-zero conditions of the Colorado ski resort.


4 thoughts on “Cold Wheels

  1. Boy M5

    Soon to be spotted being driven by an ex rugger player from pop-up gourmet pizza venture to pop-up gourmet burrito venture in the D2, 4, 6 areas.

    1. martco

      think even he’d need the business to be doing very well to have one of these on the road…upwards of £50k for a nice unmolested original 70’s FJ example these days

      a very very capable vehicle (not that he’d ever get to see a fraction of that in daily life)

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