26 thoughts on “Suit Stuffing

  1. Neilo

    I’ve got this guy beat – get a phone cover with built-in card holder and you eliminate the need for a wallet. Smoother lines all round.

    1. Neilo

      I downsized to the regular sizes iPhone as the Plus wouldn’t fit in any jacket pockets and even Jermyn St. runs out of patience, eventually (he wishes).

  2. ivan

    Diary in with the slim wallet. Yes. I know you can use the phone but nothing beats scribbling in an appointment as you get it. You’ll forget to put it in the phone. Or you’ll forget to look at it. Small diary beside slim wallet is a constant presence. You’ll remember it’s there.

    1. Joe

      takes the same time to add an appointment or reminders to a phone nowadays as it does to write in a notebook.

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    Well, eff me pink, and call me rosy! What would we do without such info -( and of course the input from Neilo, our style guru.)? I, of course, would have attempted to cram all that stuff into me arse pocket.

  4. Neilo

    In fairness, Sheikh, style guru is an improvement on some of the things I’ve been called in the online and offline realms ;-)

  5. DubLoony

    Serious question: Where do men put coins?

    Was looking at wallets & purses recently and only noticed that purses for women had a zipped bit for coins. But none of the wallets did.

    1. ivan

      back pocket easiest to get to so if you want to pay for a newspaper you don’t have to be f├║stering with a money clip or a hankie in the front pocket. Also you don’t have to be trying to reach that elusive 50c piece and look like you’re amusing yourself.

      i’m sure there’s a rule about how much shrapnel one should carry mind…

      1. Neilo

        See mine below, Ivan. Check back later for advice on:

        1. which trainers a man over 30 should wear to work? (none, unless he’s a personal trainer or in any other profession out of my sight that requires spending most of the day on his feet);

        2. the best shoes to wear with a nice leather jacket? (Chelsea or chukka boot in tone matching or echoing the jacket’s shade);

        3. what’s the best jean style: bootcut or flared? (neither, you goof, straight leg or slim fit in dark, selvedge denim only);

        4. best ‘trackie’ Nike or Adidas? (no man old enough to shave and disport himself in the world of commerce or eager for romance should even know what question 4 means)

        5. best novelty tie for the office? (the one I’m going to use to strangle you)

        6. best blouson to wear over a suit jacket (buy an overcoat one time, damn)

        1. ivan

          1 Agreed
          2 Not sure y’can be accessorizing a leather jacket with shoes. I’d go with tan derby shoes. Black shoes (if you’re wearing jeans) and you look like Dunk from the Weetabix Bunch
          3. 501s dagnabbit.
          4. trackie? Well that’s for walking the dog in, isn’t it? and the correct footwear is a pair of Doc Marten boots. Colour irrelevant. It’s dark these nights.
          5. Quite. I got a novelty musical tie last christmas. ’twas in the bin before the wrapping it came in
          6. Also correct.

          1. Neilo

            501s are a straight leg jean but not widely available in selvedge: I’ll give that one to you, they’re a classic but avoid light washes or you’ll be accused of fronting a Top Gear tribute act!

          2. Neilo

            Tracksuit bottoms in jersey, slim fitting and tucked into a boot are fine – I wear these when going out for a constitutional with Zoltan and Lucifer. No matching track top, ever! In fact, avoid tracksuit tops altogether unless you’re a soccer casual in 1985.

          3. Niallo

            Or you could go for a look i seen a youngfla sporting once, a single breasted grey pinstripe suit with trousers of the same cloth that had been let down twice and not ironed (and still werent long enough), man city shirt and (drum roll) white (dirty) kappa trainers !
            It’s a look I call “the accused”

  6. Neilo

    Some wallets do have integral pop-button purses but they are very ungainly. I’d suggest keeping a maximum of 3 or 4 coins in your back pocket to reduce the jingle factor.

  7. Neilo

    Better to buy a suit with an integrated pocket square from Ted Baker or similar. I think they’re very fussy, to be honest, and much more prominent in the States than Europe.

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