You May Like This: We Cut Corners



We Cut Corners – video for new single Of Whatever

01. Indie/alt/folk duo We Cut Corners have been busy this year, putting the finishing touches on third album The Cadences of Others.

02. Hefty shoes to fill: previous long-players Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards and Think Nothing were both Choice Prize nominees.

03. Streaming above is the video for Of Whatever, directed by Jon Hozier-Byrne. Evoking the sense of panic that 2016 has neatly been enveloped by, it features model Megan O’Malley sleeping through life/drowning in a shallow bed. Fun for the whole family.

04. Catch them tomorrow night in the Roisín Dubh in Galway, and on Saturday night in the Button Factory in Dubland.

Verdict: A lush, densely-arranged take on the band at their more usually considered bodes for a big-sounding LP.

We Cut Corners

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3 thoughts on “You May Like This: We Cut Corners

  1. On The Buses

    The got Conor O’Brien to play on their record and Hozier’s big fat brother to do their video. Shrewd movers these lads are.

  2. Spud1

    Very nice.
    Only happened to listen to YKK last night.

    Something very ‘The Civil Wars’ about this new song.

    Best of luck to them.

  3. Boba Fettucine

    Toby-jug lookalikes produce ‘balls in a vice’ Cottagers falsetto MOR dirge.

    And rhyme ‘imagine it’ with ‘dispassionate’.

    Off with their heads.

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