25 thoughts on “Blacked Up

    1. Boj

      I saw an ad on de telly last night advertising ‘Black Friday Weekend’…that is just moronic on a few different levels. But the baa-baa’s just love to lap it up.

  1. Murtles

    Make sure ye don’t slip off the sidewalk when putting your groceries into the trunks of your car before you go to get gas ye mad Dubyanks.

  2. Pixxyman

    Should be called Tat Friday.. all the olde poo is pushed out to the front of shops in an effort to get rid of it..

  3. Anomanomanom

    Already there a posts up on sites about certain shop putting up prices but with reduced stickers on them. Only for people to peel off the sticker and see the original cheaper price. But sheeple never learn.

  4. Jake38

    What? I thought the capitalist system had brought nothing but misery, oppression, unemployment, misogyny, war, racism, homophobia and symphysiotomy?

  5. Jonjo

    If I was bothered going there, I’d be one of the 2 cars leaving while the others are queuing to get in. Same if you’re going to Ikea. Get in early and get back out.

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