You Can Take His Hand



But you can never take our FREEDOM.

*swishes kilt*

This morning.

Government Buildings, Dublin 2.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon meets Seanad Ceann Comhairle, Senator Denis O’Donovan before addressing Seanad Eireann on the second day of her visit to Ireland.

Ms Sturgeon is the first serving head of a foreign government to speak to the Senate.


Nicola Sturgeon Addresses irish Parliament (BBC)


7 thoughts on “You Can Take His Hand

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Yeah, but it’s the Seanad. In reality, Sturgeon may as well be talking to Junior Infants at a nearby school for all the influence they have/

    1. Topsy

      She spoke to a group of politicians – not one of them represents a member of the public. Only failed & wannabe political leeches reside there.

  2. bisted

    …that the little englanders voted for brexit isn’t hard to believe…what is really hard to believe is that the Scottish voted against independence and the Irish voted to retain the Seanad…

    1. The Old Boy

      It really isn’t that long since Scotland was an overwhelmingly unionist and indeed conservative country. In the 1955 General Election, the Conservatives took 36 of 71 Westminster seats in Scotland with over 50% of the vote. The swing to support for independence is what I find so hard to believe.

      As for keeping the Seanad…

  3. Tomboktu

    He is not the Seanad ‘Ceann Comhairle’. There is only one Ceann Comhairle, over in the Dáil. Senator Denis is the Cathaoirleach of the Seanad.

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