Infinite Jigsaw


nervoussysteminfinitypuzzle6 nervoussysteminfinitypuzzle1kleinbottle_diagram-768x432nervoussysteminfinitypuzzle2

The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle by design studio Nervous System – a 133-piece jigsaw with an image of galactic central point (taken by the Hubble telescope) on each side.

Based on the principal of the Klein bottle, an impossible 3D shape with mathematically identical inner and outer surfaces, the puzzle can be constructed in a myriad of ways.

Intriguing? Annoying?  Either way, the long winter evenings will just fly by.


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5 thoughts on “Infinite Jigsaw

  1. Steph Pinker

    I finished a jigsaw once; it said 3-5 years on the box, but I finished it in 2 – I was chuffed!

  2. Robert

    So if I took a trumpet, and bent it around and put the mouthpiece through a hole in the side of the horn pulled it through, and then bashed the flaring in to meet the mouthpiece I’d come up with something like this – or is there a detail I’m missing from the projection?

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