‘Cheap Shot, Cheap Shot, Cheap Shot, Cheap Shot’


Yesterday morning.

Pat Kenny, on Newstalk, interviewed  Sinn Féin TD Eoin O’Broin – during which they talked about the Universal Social Charge.

From their discussion…

Pat Kenny: “You’re saying that you want to keep that, you’re the working man’s friend. You want to keep that regime, where half of what you earn goes straight to the Revenue because you’ll never change the USC. Come on. That is not what ordinary people want? Ordinary, sorry. Ordinary, working people. People who don’t work, it doesn’t affect them one way or the other.”

Eoin Ó’Bróin: “Pat…”

Kenny: “But people who work…[inaudible] hours overtime and half of it goes to Michael Noonan – how fair is that?”

Ó’Bróin: “Well, first of all Pat, I would imagine that I spend a lot more time with ordinary, average income earners than you do but what’s also crucial is…”

Kenny: “Heyyyy…cheap shot, cheap shot, cheap shot, cheap shot.”

Ó’Bróin: “Pat…”

Kenny: “No, come on, all my colleagues in Newstalk, they’re not high earners. I work with them every single day of the week and I know their difficulties. I’m mature, I’ve earned a good living over many years. I started at the bottom, like everybody else and I’m looking at people who are working their way up from the bottom so don’t lecture me about the company that I keep.”

Listen back in full here

130 thoughts on “‘Cheap Shot, Cheap Shot, Cheap Shot, Cheap Shot’

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      I confess (a little shamefacedly) that I still have my “Get off my Land” T Shirt from that great bunch o’ lads at Hairy Baby!

  1. Goo-ter

    I heard that interview yesterday and Pat was fair in what he said and his argument. He has worked hard over the years and so if companies are willing to pay him what he asks for who the hell are we to judge him for that. Nobody out there would ever refuse the salary he is on for the job they do…. This country is just a bunch of begrudges. There will always be people earning more than you or me and people earning less too. You take what you can get in this world and enjoy it.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Balls to Gooter and Manolo. This is a man paying a maximum of 12.5% Corporation tax, defending “de Taxpayers” – pulleeeeeze.

        1. Everybody in Ireland

          Sheik, can you explain this? His company might pay 12.5% and then he pays income tax on his own income.

          Do you think business owners don’t pay income tax?

          1. Sheik Yahbouti

            I can, but I won’t bother. You know exactly what I’m getting at. Yours sincerely, A P.A.Y.E. Worker.

          2. Everybody in Ireland

            I’m also a PAYE worker. The main difference between Self-employed and PAYE is we pay different PRSI. We pay the same Income Tax. I’ve no idea what you’re on about mentioning the 12.5% Corporation Tax rate in relation to PK..

    1. Clampers Outside!

      +1… I think some people feel they are still paying his wages.

      Well, at least people will know, working class too, that high rates of taxes are coming and / or remaining if we vote in SF. After all, how else will they pay for big government which is what the hard-left wants, in fairness.

      1. Boy M5

        Sinn Fein aren’t “hard-left” Clampers. They’re about the same as Fianna Fail when it’s trying to get elected.

        1. DubLoony

          SF will go whatever way the wind is blown if it gets them elected.
          They have declared themselves as a pro-life party at one stage. Will be interesting if that will change.
          Total U turn on water charges when they saw what way that was going.
          They’ve co-opted the “right2” in response to Murphy getting a seat in Tallaght.

          1. Rob_G

            “Total U turn on water charges…”

            – indeed; they support water charges in Northern Ireland ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Yeah, Ok

      Spot on. Anyone earning more than minimum wage is a monster to the Irish left. Their cut-off for being “rich” is the average industrial wage FFS!
      Pat actually does a very good job of preventing the spoofers he interviews from spouting their nonsense unchallenged.

      1. DubLoony

        Agreed. Was fairly shocked by some attitudes during GE16 when people defined the rich as anyone who actually had a job.
        That a job should pay for a roof over your head, look after your family, have some savings & maybe go on a holiday was seen as being utterly decadent.
        The acceptance that work, if you have any, should be low paid is depressing.

        1. Andy


          And remember, only “de worker” works. A manager or executive is automatically a member of the “elite”

    3. Boy M5

      “This country is just a bunch of begrudges.”

      Ah, that old line.

      I think most criticism of some wealth (not Pat Kenny) is aimed at those who have amassed it illegally and through unfair advantage rather than through merit and hard work.

      Very many Irish do not deserve the wealth they have and that is not begrudgery, it’s criticism of inequality.

      1. Owen

        Say it whatever way you want. Its standard Irish begrudergy.

        Now if you were in the US…. you’d be a commi.

      2. rob

        funny of course to hear former Blackrock College boy from lovely Leopardstown in south county Dublin Eoin O Broin lecturing people about not being in touch with the ordinary people. pass the smoked salmon darling

      3. rotide

        It’s entirely begrudgery. ANYONE in this country who works hard for what they have and achieves any success at all gets pilloried for it. PK, MOL etc etc etc

        “Very many Irish do not deserve the wealth they have”, This is a breathtaking piece of begrudgery.

        1. Harry Molloy

          It’s true, there’s a concerted effort to demonize the successful and champion those who contribute nothing through laziness

    4. Mahoney

      I think people are getting away from what was actually said, OBroin was qualifying his remarks by stating he spends more time among lower income earners than pat does, I fail to see how that’s a cheap shot. I wouldnt begrudge pat kenny a single cent, but he’s wrong here, I mean how many people at newstalk are on minimum wage?

    5. d4n

      No that’s absolute bullshit, unless you’re suggesting everyone who earns less than Pat Kenny DIDN’T work hard, you’re talking absolute rubbish.
      We live in a society that is at least two tier, and the only way you could miss that is by being part of the privileged tier.
      It’s disgraceful and ignorant to push this narrative, at best, at worst, the people doing it are exploitative scum.

  2. Harry Molloy

    I read this in the Times yesterday and thought Pat was right.

    I have a friend in RTE who said Pat was very well liked by the entire late late team, he knew everyone’s name and kids names and would often bring them all out for a brink. His predecessor preferred to keep some distance.
    By all accounts he’s sound, whatever you think about his style.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      He didn’t take a swipe at unemployed people, he corrected himself in that the only people who really care about how much tax they pay are the ones paying the tax. Stop trying to find things to be offended about.

      1. anne

        I think where he said the words and I quote “people who don’t work”, he meant unemployed people. Unless of course he meant children or students or pensioners. That’s a possibility. But he didnt say that did he? He said “people who don’t work. ”

        And no I won’t explain why he’s privileged. Much wants more. He doesn’t want his pay USC when there’s people out there who don’t work..boo hoo. Pity about him.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          “You want to keep that regime, where half of what you earn goes straight to the Revenue because you’ll never change the USC. Come on. That is not what ordinary people want? Ordinary, sorry. Ordinary, working people. People who don’t work, it doesn’t affect them one way or the other.”

          he was quite obviously referring to people caring about how much tax they pay. People who don’t work don’t care about how much tax other people pay. I would presume that includes EVERYONE who doesn’t work.

          Is he not allowed to query things on behalf of people who may care about how much tax they pay? Do you believe EOB should not be challenged at all?

        2. ReproBertie

          I don’t want to pay the USC either. It was supposed to be a short term emergency tax to cover the shortfall created by Biffo and FF racing to the rescue of their builder and banker mates. We were promised it would be removed and instead were getting this piecemeal rate reduction over X years. SF can whistle for it if they think they’ll win any support from me by retaining the USC.

        3. Sheik Yahbouti

          Ah, dear sweet Pat Kenny. He did an Engineering Decree fifty years ago, and this makes him an expert on everything. (Any graduate here remember ‘Engineering Students?). He has parlayed a hard neck, and a very small talent, into an excellent living for him and his, fair play to him. However, that does NOT entitle him to bash those less fortunate than himself at every opportunity and to toe the Blue Shirt line.

    2. Jake38

      “Privileged weasel….”

      Can you explain please how PK is a “privileged weasel”?

      He looks to me like someone who worked hard all his life for what his has.

  3. Digs

    Eoin O’Broin is from the mean streets of Cabinteely. He went to Blackrock College. He is an environmental conspiracist and polemicist. He is just like Pat Kenny in many ways. He ought not to be taken seriously, which is why he is a member of Sinn Fein.

  4. Steve

    Don’t care about pat anymore but EOB comes across most of the time as a bloody know it all. Can’t stand the bloke

  5. IsMiseBartSimpson

    I think it distracts slightly from the point if you debate whether or not Pat is worth his salary. The real worry here is that he is clearly not being an impartial interviewer and straight from the off had no intention of allowing Eoin O Broin answer fully. Opens up further questions as to who Newstalk owners are, their potential gains as a result of water charges being implemented and whether they use the station as a platform to push their agenda.

    1. Cot

      Agreed. I don’t think Pat is as much concerned about what O Broin thinks, as what Denis O’Brien thinks. He got the water metre contracts, and Pat’s salary comes from the same source.

    2. Harry Molloy

      is it not his job to challenge all his guests on their positions?

      I don’t watch the show so can’t say if he gives anyone else a much easier time

      1. Vote Rep #1

        He should only challenge guests when their views don’t match those of IsMiseBartSimpson obviously.

        1. IsMiseBartSimpson

          Nope, perfectly entitled to challenge people but there is a difference between challenging and constant interruption. He should allow his guest to make his point before steering down the road of who is to blame for troubles etc

          1. ReproBertie

            If every interviewer was to wait for politicians to make their point current affairs programmes would be nothing more than waffle filled self-promoting speeches. There are times when interviewers are guilty of over-interrupting but interruptions are needed to keep professional spoofers on point.

          2. IsMiseBartSimpson

            Agreed but shouting in “cheap shot” and then proceeding to go off topic about blaming she shinners for the cost of the norths troubles didnt come across as particularly professional. Whatever his personal beliefs are he should at least attempt to be impartial

      2. Paddy

        I don’t watch the show either. I don’t listen to it either. It would be difficult to watch the show on my car radio anyway.

  6. ironcorona

    Proper lazy ad hominem argument there from Eoin Ó’Bróin.

    Pat should know better than to fall into the trap.

    Step 1) Derail the argument
    Step 2) Argue about the derailment

  7. Brian

    The fact is that Pat in no way deserves the amount of money he feels he is entitled to. He obviously does not like to be questioned on the matter. He does nothing that many others couldn’t do and even if he did he still would not be entitled to take as much as he does. He is not sound. He is greedy and has thrived in a culture that has seen him and his peers, David Drum, Sean Fitzpatrick, Dennis O’Brien, Bertie Ahern amass huge personal fortunes while others have died in hospital corridors. Ireland deserves better than Pat Kenny and his ilk who even resent the modest taxes they are asked to pay in return for these lives of enormous privilege.

    1. Yeah, Ok

      He’s being paid a salary, that he’s negotiated, by a private company… what’s the issue?
      If I went to your boss and said you’re being paid too much do you think anyone would pay any attention to me?

      1. Brian

        Going forward, we will be moving away from the model that has us throwing all our precious resources down the Kenny type dead end. We will work towards implementing a universal social payment which all citizens are entitled to and which will make life hospitable to everyone not just the random few greedy white male egotists and their offspring. There is a more substantial reality than the contract that Pat has negotiated with his employer. Raise your head.

          1. rotide

            While I couldn’t agree more that some form of Basic Income is going to be a nessecity in the next 100 years or so, you are basically just talking about stealing now.

          2. Brian

            Or …. we could depopulate until there was just the two of us left and then split everything 50 / 50. No 60 / 40 to me ( it was my idea ) .

          3. ReproBertie

            How do we ensure that all people are entitled to a stake in all wealth? Do you have a plan to fund the People’s Republic of Ireland or just some pithy phrases to toss about?

          4. Brian

            Numerous mainstream academic and corporate sources, Nick Bostrum of Oxford university, Ray Kurtzweil of Google, Elon Musk of Space X are insisting that humanity is on the verge of activating machine technologies that will enable us to harvest enormous wealth from previously unreachable sources. Our current system of wealth distribution wil favour only the small number who can claim ownership of the new machines. If each citizen is granted through legislation a small amount of capital investment and return in these technologies we should arrive at a safer future for all.

        1. rotide

          Brian, What recources have we thrown down Kenny’s dead end?

          He’s being paid by a private company you moron. It’s between him and the company what he’s being paid.

          also ‘white male egotists’

          Jesus wept.

          1. Yeah, Ok

            I always chuckle when Irish people discussing Irish issues use “white” as an insult… look around you – about 98% of us are bloody white! Arts degree nonsense.

          2. Frankly

            Sneering at each other’s efforts will be frowned upon and education will be seen as a desirable, pleasurable, and easily affordable process of development though it will not be compulsory. Some people are not cut out for education and that has to be respected.

          3. Brian

            Unless of course the Donald decides to go nuclear. He might suspect he’s been given false codes and figure there’s only one way to find out. Great reality TV, tragic extinction event.

    2. anne

      But Pat the plank works for his money..he cares about paying taxes..people who don’t work like Pat does don’t care.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        People who don’t work don’t care about paying taxes? I’d be fairly surprised if they did.

        Next up, people who don’t drive don’t really care too much about the price of car insurance.

        1. anne

          For all the discussions going on about the increases in the price of car insurance, I don’t think I’ve ever heard any mention of non drivers not caring.. strange that isn’t it.

          People who don’t work still pay taxes btw.

          1. rotide

            Anne, here’s a clue, you haven’t heard about it because non-drivers don’t care. They have other things to worry about.

          2. anne

            Yes Rotsey… If they’re irrelevant to the discussion why does Pat keep bringing those people up?

            He said similar in relation to water charges not too long ago..that the working ‘tax payer’ would be footing the bill if paid through general taxation. Everyone pays tax of course..working or not, but Pat The Plank wants to keep harping on about people not working not paying any taxes.

          3. Vote Rep #1

            “People who don’t work still pay taxes btw”

            Everyone pays tax of some sort, only those that work pay the USC which is what this was about.

            As for non-drivers, why would people who don’t care about something comment on that this they don’t care about? I don’t care about BLJ guy, hence I am not in there commenting about him.

          4. Anne

            “Everyone pays tax of some sort,”

            They do indeed.

            That’s not what Kenny seems to think though –
            Here is what he said recently :
            ” out of work, can’t find work, and therefore pay no tax. ”

            “As for non-drivers, why would people who don’t care about something comment on that this they don’t care about? ”

            Christ on a bike. I’m not saying they should.
            If something doesn’t affect a person, as in USC, why would Kenny be bringing them into the discussion? Go away and have a long hard think about it and stop giving me a headache. Please. Thanks.

          5. Vote Rep #1

            “If something doesn’t affect a person, as in USC, why would Kenny be bringing them into the discussion?”

            He didn’t, he clarified that he meant people who were working who were paying the USC. You got very offended by this clarification.

          6. anne

            Who pays USC needs clarifying to people, to the same extend as who pays car insurance. i.e. it doesn’t need clarifying.

            Pat the plank “works” so hard for his money and pays so much tax he needs to “clarify” to us about those who don’t.

  8. Ramone

    Whatever about Pat’s salary and the amount of time he spends among average income earners, he’s kind of talking out his hoop here when he claims to know what ordinary, working people want: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/majority-of-voters-back-public-spending-increase-over-tax-cuts-1.2821254

    I understand that it might just be him being bolshy on the radio to get a debate going, but regardless, he’s wrong that what ordinary people really want are tax cuts.

  9. gaz

    Pat Kenny is a repressed right wing wooden spoon.The real highlight of the interview was when he questioned the cost if the security bill to the State from the Troubles.Sinn Fein have their imperfections but the Cody establishment from the media to the politicians fear their potential .That’s the real issue here not ” I know poor people too” nonsense.

    1. DubLoony

      Sinn Fein have their imperfections?
      Death of over 3,000 people, injuries to thousands more, judge, jury & summary executioners, punishment shootings by appointment, breeze blocks dropped on children’s legs, money laundering, taking a cut from drug dealers while pretending to be on side of community but sure, peace process an ‘all.

      1. gaz

        Fianna Fail and Fine Gael: a hundred years of paedophiles raping kids,systemic poltical corruption,thousands of death s due to inadequate public healthcare,state sponsored propaganda….

  10. bisted

    …wow…there must be an election coming…the shinner bashing seems to have upped a gear. I’ve no grá for the shinners but they seem to annoy all the right people…

    1. Rob_G

      “…wow…there must be an election coming…”

      It happened less than a year ago, but fair play, an A+ for you in mindlessly repeating things that you read in comments sections.

      1. bisted

        …thanks bobby…let me just repeat this prediction read in the BS comments section…FF/SF/SocDem form the next government..

  11. Lady GArden-GArden

    Pat might be a wooden presenter, but that’s better than wooden baseball bat street terrorism of Sinn Féin/IRA types like Ó Broin.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      @ Lady GArden-GArden…
      I’ll tell you what’s wooden, will I?
      The Lady Gaga reference in your adopted name.
      Nobody notices it, and even if they did it still wooden be funny.

      Up the RA.

      1. EightersGonnaEight

        Obviously you noticed it. So, she must be reaching the congenitally intellectually unreachable.

        Would someone in Irish suit your RA outlook? How about Camo-gee?

  12. :-Joe

    Pat Kenny,

    The unwittingly sinister propagandist helper-monkey and proxy-mouthpiece lackey of the establishment elite telling you , the willfully ignorant what the upper echelons of Irish society want you to think and how you should behave.

    Keep on believing the propaganda, prop it up with your own self-manufactured consent and all your excuses for your idiocy will come easy when election time rolls around and you vote against your own self interests again and not for the first time or the last.

    Same status quo insanity as ever for more decades than I can count.. yet people are still hypnotised into the same destructive patterns and plenty of fresh uncritically thinking zombie’s join in all the time… Hmmm… I wonder how this keeps happening ???…

    Man of the people..?

    More like cheerleader of the confused and deluded ignorant majority.

    See you next Tuesday.


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