44 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Topsy

    “Kenny denies making fools if those who paid water bills”

    Anyone who paid a water bill WAS foolish.

    1. Yep

      Bit unfair really. Worried pensioners? People fearing eviction?

      Not everyone who paid supported them.

    2. Richard Pound

      The IW fiasco was one of the many & biggest corrupt scams seen on this island & everyone could see it for what it was. Yes some people felt threatened into paying but 75% saw it for what it was.

      The water has to be paid for they say… it already always was paid for (29 billion taken from car tax which has no accountability) now they will actually have to show were this money is going to? Property tax? What does that pay for?

      Politics needs to change in this country or it will always be the same s h i t new month

      1. Harry Molloy

        I believe in pay by usage, it’s important for efficiency and conservation.
        I’d like if they dropped car tax to kill that argument then implemented charges.

        1. Richard Pound

          You believe in privatisation of a natural resource in one of the wettest countries on the planet & you believe in political parasites & corruption.

          General taxation is the only way to go.

          They could threaten with spot checks of business & houses with obscene usage which would then probably stop the small percentage of constant running taps & people filling there swimming pools & cleaning there cars every day in the rain & also from turning there water into wine.

          1. Pornograffiti

            No he didn’t actually say that.

            I believe metering makes parasites accountable for their own wastefulness

    3. Jocky

      The irish water fiasco is the biggest indictment of Irish people. The arguments for metered water use and revenue generation were perfectly reasonable but again the great Irish public shot themselves in the foot. The country is a kip and you all lead rubbish lives. I saw what was coming and got out in plenty of time.

      1. De Kloot

        On the contrary. I have an awesome life here. The climate is perfect for me, the food fantastic, my internet access is top drawer, cost of living is comparatively cheap compared to say San Jose where I spend four or five months of the year and on that I just got my new AerClub Concierge level card yesterday so when I leave/return I do so in great comfort. Sucks to be you.

        1. Jocky

          lol you spend half the year in a dump and commute back and forth on an Aer Lingus jet. Big man.

          I’m on BIG money in a modern European city that actually works. 40 hours per week and a ten minute commute by bike. Sucks to be you.

          1. Sheik Yahbouti

            Well bully for you, Jocky. Why are you bothering to look in on this little raggy arse forum, when your life is so rich and full? Just to gloat, is it?

        1. Topsy

          Jockey, I’d say you’re great company after a few pints. On a night out you’re probably the one who always has an empty seat next to you.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      You can’t be leaving the Beeb’s flagship show to be judged by two foreign gays and a woman! There’s no male presenter to take control of the situation as it is! With Len gone, the proceeding faffing abaht will cause global warming (which doesn’t exist), immigration, arthritis and the search for Maddie to get worse.

  2. De Kloot

    Too late for the front pages but I see Trump is laying the foundations for his new world order and he’s not even in power yet…. “We’re DOOMED, Captain Mainwaring, DOOMED…”

    1. Kieran NYC

      And he’s holding “victory rallies” and demonising the media again

      But still. Hillary’s emails…

      1. Pornograffiti

        Kieran as a matter of interest where are all Trump’s sexual accusers? Did any actually press charges or are they still being interviewed etc on tv there?

        1. Kieran NYC

          The statute of limitations over here is tiny, so not sure how many *could* take cases.

          And even then I’m not sure if the President can be sued.

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