35 thoughts on “Fool’s Gold

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Always believe in your soul
    You’ve got the power to know
    You’re indestructible
    Always believe in, that you are
    Gold! (gold)
    Glad that you’re bound to return
    There’s something I could have learned
    You’re indestructible, always believe in…

    1. Fact Checker

      For, inter alia, financial regulation.

      Only three Irish banks are regulated by the ECB. The rest – and credit unions – are regulated domestically.

      1. johnny

        “Historically the Central Bank of Ireland (“the Central Bank”) has had overall responsibility for the authorisation and supervision of credit institutions operating in Ireland. From 4 November 2014 this has changed with a number of supervisory responsibilities and decision making powers moving to the European Central Bank (ECB) through the establishment of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). `

        The ECB is responsible for all core supervisory responsibilities as defined in the Council Regulation (EU) No. 1024/2013 (SSMR). For Significant Institutions, consisting of the larger institutions operating within Ireland, a Joint Supervisory Team (JST), led by the ECB and consisting of both ECB and Central Bank supervisors will directly supervise these firms. A full list of significant institutions is available…”


  2. ironcorona

    All buildings should be boring concrete boxes to house the drones between 9 and 5:30.

    Let’s make Dublin grey.

  3. Harry Molloy

    It’s actually a green feature, apparently. Anyone who works in a glass building will know how hot they get in the summer, within 5 minutes of the air con going off at 6 the place is roasting – well the gold is meant to repel glare of the sunshine and combat that. There was an article about how this would be the greenest building in Ireland in the Times a few weeks back, was interesting and made me wish I was an architect

    1. Nigel

      Does it have the facility for focusing the sunbeams like in a magnifying glass so if they bankers are bored on hot days they can make people walking past explode into flames and blame it on spontaneous combustion? Asking for a friend,

    2. LiamZero

      That was actually a misprint in the Times article. It was supposed to read “the goldest building in Ireland”.

  4. Frenchie

    The Irish :Too much makeup. Too much bling .Bad dressers. Their bad taste also extends to architecture. C’est tawdry

  5. martco

    Quite sure the choice of materials was entirely architectural

    as opposed to optics, impressing their bosses in Frankfurt or having wet dreams of G8 associate membership (visions of Bertie in yellow pants, shudder)

  6. Kolmo

    It’s like a faded postcard photo from oil rich Kazakhstan in 1996..

    Is this a nickname competition? – I propose “The Elizabeth Duke box”

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