Sound As A Pound



Howya. me jewel ‘n ‘darlin’.

What does the ‘Sound of Dublin’ mean to you?

Colm Riagain writes:

We hear from Dublin’s own Krystal Klear – who  describes music as the ‘fuel’ that keeps the city alive – as well as Kormac, Bantum, Farrah Elle, Kojaque, Loah, 5th Element, James Rodgers, Faune, Daire Carolan, Richie Bree, Craig Connelly and Ruth Medjber.

It’s not just Irish artists and fans sharing their impressions: we have everyone from Karl Hyde to Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor, as well as Paul Kalkbrenner, Ralph Rolle, Groove Armada, Jessy Lanza, Saul Williams and actor Emmet Kirwan imparting their wisdom on the thrum and hum of Dublin’s music scene.

Basically, it’s a visual love letter to Dublin with a banging soundtrack….

Take that, soundless Cork.

The Sound Of Dublin

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4 thoughts on “Sound As A Pound

  1. Serval

    I always found it strange that the big djs don’t return to other cities, just Dublin.
    The last 3 superstars don’t mention Dublin.

    1. Badatmemesotherwayup

      The only Superstar worthy of speaking the name Dubblin is Pipecock Jackson, The Upsetter, The Mystic Healer, The Conscience Revealler, The Whore Conqueror and the inventor of Reggae and Dub.
      I’ve forgotten his name now.

      What’s this thread about?

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