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  1. Paddy

    Ah, the Fennelly commission kicks the can further down the road. 31st March. Must be an election coming again.

  2. Anne

    15,000 wrongly moved off their tracker mortgages. What a joke. The gougers.

    Wrongly needs explaining to some around here.

    It doesn’t mean inadvertently. It means on purpose.

    Customers were mislead and the terms of their mortgages were not followed by their banks in many many cases. 15,000 cases it looks like. Many of which lost their homes over it. Fupping outrageous.

      1. Anne

        Yeah…go rob a bank and it’s a criminal offence.

        They rob you, you’re out on the streets and they have your home.

        1. Rainy Day

          Just a point of accuracy, most of these people weren’t ‘wrongly moved off’ their tracker mortgages. What happened was the bank offered them a fixed rate that may have been cheaper in the long term than the tracker or they chose to do this and approached their bank themselves. As time passed and the ECB rate stated lower and it was clear the tracker mortgage was the cheaper option, at this point a number of these customers asked to reverse their decision and go back to the tracker. The banks appear to have informed them that this wasn’t possible and that they had lost the tracker mortgage, this was the error.

          1. Anne

            “The banks appear to have informed them that this wasn’t possible”

            Yes, wrongly.

            Here’s a statement from one of the 15 banks who were wrongly fleecing their customers –

            Other customers had a contractual right to be offered a tracker rate at the end of any fixed rate period. However due to a failure by permanent tsb that option was not communicated to them at the end of their fixed rate period.

            Failure to communicate. Even when customers specifically requested their trackers back, that’s the best they can come up with -failure to communicate.

    1. Cian

      There were about 100 that lost their homes. While this is 100 too many, and outrageous, it really is stretching the English language to say “*Many* of which lost their homes over it”.

      1. Anne

        You weren’t picking Owen C up on his use of many there on the other thread..

        In the case of sixty-one of the impacted accounts, customers may have lost ownership of the relevant property linked to the mortgage in situations where they may not have lost these properties if the failures had not occurred.

        61 families lost their home over this. That was only with 1 of the 15 banks at it..
        100 is probably a bit of an under estimate.

        1. Rainy Day

          @Anne, my point above was that the headline is incorrect, the customers weren’t ‘wrongly moved off’ trackers..the error was they weren’t allowed back onto the tracker rate after they chose to change their mortgage. It was still an error by the banks but the headline is wrong.

          1. Anne

            They were put on standard variable, after the fixed terms had lapsed and they were entitled to revert back on their original tracker, ergo they were wrongly moved off of their tracker mortgages.

            It’s not that complicated. There’s nothing wrong with the headline.

            Just drop it now. I’d had enough. Thanks.

          2. ivan

            It was bank of Ireland policy definitely not to let you back on. In 2008 I was finding the going rough on my tracker (twas around a grand a month) and i headed into the bank to ask about going onto a fixed rate.

            Lady in the bank (bless her) closed the door of the office and said “Look, i can move you onto the fixed but you won’t be able to get back onto the tracker…this might suit you in the short run but we’ll ALWAYS win on a mortgage that isn’t a tracker…”

            I said thanks, opened the door and left. It was clear to me that not only was it bank policy not to move people back, but that staff weren’t meant to advise people *not* to get off the tracker.

          3. Anne

            That was sound of her.

            I have heard of people being offered various incentives to get them off their tracker mortgages..including upfront cash payments.

          1. Kennysmells

            I thought that was what you actually looked like, a proper Nigel complete with paedo breathing problem.

    1. Nigel

      Schoolyard insults have gotten weirdly geopolitical and random since my day.
      ‘jusayinlike and Donald sittin’ in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G Putin.’

      1. jusayinlike

        It’s an observation not an insult but I’m glad you took it that way, it’s the confused bomb loving lefty way, whining about fake news and Russia hacking democracy

        1. Nigel

          I know a guy called kennysmells who could really benefit from your spot-on demonstration of the straw man fallacy.

          ‘I see Merkel I see NATO, I see jusayinlike eatin’ Tayto.’

          1. Nigel

            Oh! Kennysmells! Didn’t see you there!

            (Quick, justsayinlike, hide in the closet! I don’t want him to know I’ve been carrying on with another commenter!)

          2. jusayinlike

            But what about Russia hacking the dnc, pizzagate and the fake news Nigel..
            Clearly something must be done, Hillary was so rat fupped wasn’t she

            Conspiracies abound eh.. tut tut

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