Glen Hansard, left and Brendan Ogle, right, with Home Sweet Home supporters outside the Four Courts this evening.

There you go now.

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Sligo Rises.

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82 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      LOL. I know it’s a serious matter but this vision of Glen Hansard and the flock chundling around the city is hilarious.

  1. DubLoony

    Was anyone really expecting anything different?

    Are Glen and Brendan going to tell their residents that the home they created will last only 3 weeks?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      To be honest, this realistically seems like the best option they were going to come away with.

      The people working for the receivers are humans too. I can’t see any decent human being wanting to force another person onto the street at Christmas.

      This covers their arse, legally speaking; the homeless have somewhere safe and warm, until after the new year, at least; and this has shone a real spotlight on the homelessness situation in our country. The ineptitude of our elected officials, but also the willingness of people to effect change, to give to their fellow citizens.

      The building is going to be demolished in the new year, and hopefully, this act of civil disobedience can be used to apply pressure to the government so they can apply some sort of useful change.

      I don’t know that I’m expressing myself very well, but I think that was the best, and most workable, decision that could be reached, under the circumstances.

      1. ivan


        I’m normally not the type to bang on about creating ‘awareness’ but *this* has done more to make people think about homelessness AND the homeless than anything else I can think of. It’s not been a 48 hour wonder. No, it’s not solved any massive problem but it’s mobilized people and caused quite a few to begin to give a fupp.

  2. Mourinho

    Apparently the government have opened 240 beds in the last two weeks.

    Apollo shouldn’t be necessary.

      1. Anomanomanom

        Should never have been lifted. In a 15 minute walk around that area you can pass by including the one the injunction was lifted 6 facilities for homeless. Im all for helping, I honestly am, but thats too many in small area.

  3. Daddy

    This is reasonable.

    The Government have been shamed (not that Fine Gael feel shame) and the issue of homelessness has been given wider coverage and the nonsense of empty building lying idle.

    No receiver working on behalf of a client could reasonably be expected to sit back and do nothing about this so no surprise there.

    But the stay until early January gives people time to think and means some of those most at risk are secure for a couple of more weeks.

  4. Martco

    Peter McVerry being interviewed at mo on radio. Says DCC avadavit (that they have enough accom to cover the numbers) is UNTRUE.
    I know who I believe.
    Question: what’s the penalty for lying in the High Court?

    1. ivan

      well technically, lying on an affidavit could be seen as perjury. But you’d have to prove that it’s untrue and that the person who said what they said *knew* that it was untrue…

        1. Anomanomanom

          Oh I can state for an absolute fact. His “charity” housed one my area and told nobody,it would have been nice out of courtesy just to warn people, only when a newspaper printed it and people basically forced him out. So yes KNOWINGLY houses rapists

    2. Daddy

      “Question: what’s the penalty for lying in the High Court?”

      That depends on who you are. Entirely arbitrary like most Irish legal rulings.

  5. Riz

    In January when we are all miserable and giving zero sheiyts about anyone except ourselves it will be interesting to see who still cares.

  6. Protectthe8th

    Sensible decision.

    The homeless get shelter for the cold few weeks ahead and the owner who’s property is illegally being trespassed gets his property back.

    Wait and see whether Glenn & co really respect the law of the land and follow the rules of the injunction.

      1. Protectthe8th

        You own the building? Then surely you would like them out?

        Unless you mean the Irish state? In which case, you are wrong. Read the facts, not the liberal hyperbole.

  7. Martco

    @quint & @protectthe8th

    Yes, correct depending on your point of view (if it’s to maintain and protect the status quo and you agree with that viewpoint I then it’s a very good decision)

    as @Owen C and some others wrote earlier this building is unsuitable, sure, but really it’s about what happens in January? and I think it’s clear what does: absolutely nothing. Nothing for the dirt poor but also now the working poor. Nothing will change because the system is rigged. FG/FF are doing what they are supposed to be doing, keeping their patrons happy whilst maintaining an illusion of legislating and managing the country fairly in general & having the soundbites for the panto come GE time i.e. their personal focus is above all to be re-elected to Leinster House by whatever means necessary. period.
    I know a good few fools who believe that in regard to IW they’ve had a success. Nope. It’s billing dept is just dormant at best. Nothing has changed despite the massive protests and apparent majority opinion. There’s only one way to stop a rigged system, you don’t tinker with it, you delete it and start again. I can confidently predict that Kildare St would have to literally burn before anything will change & I think we all need to get used to living the Thatcher dream cos it’s here to stay.

  8. Kenny Plank

    Get the popcorn for Christmas Eve as the traditional Bono et al impromptu singalong in Grafton Street ponders if Poolbeg Street would be a better platform.

    Bet they do both.

    1. Pornograffiti

      Excellent point. In other news broadsheet commenters were found to be looking down their noses at those who are activists for the less fortunate. Which commentary will be the most sneering from Sonny Wank? My bet is both.

    2. bisted

      …has anyone phoned Bono yet to request this…Bodger could take the initiative and make the call – Hewsen, we have a problem…

    1. postmanpat

      Everyone is thinking that. He never made it big outside his provincial fan base because his music is bad. not an acquired taste , just bad . Frames fans are the worst.

        1. postmanpat

          Oh yeah! That mehh shaky camcorder movie with the god awful music and the plain chick with the terrible bad attitude in interviews who hasn’t been seen since? I never saw it because the trailer gave the plot away so I didn’t have too sit through any more duets.

      1. Nigel

        Everyone’s thinking that. Everyone’s saying that. There’s no reason to, other than the vague idea that someone somewhere is getting notions about themselves. So they’ll think it and say it because life is a competition to see who’s the most cynical when they die.

    2. Loan Some Cow Boy

      leave the lad alone

      I don’t particularly care for his output either but he’s been more successful than you can ever dream of – begrudging numpty

      1. Jocky

        He has spent a large part of the past 20 years on the dole. He freely admits this. Selling a few records in Ireland does not pay.

    1. Owen C

      Absolutely kill me because I have already said on here that it was a pretty good idea? Oh, you so smart.

  9. Jocky

    Wow so a complete waste of time and money as expected. Money and effort that actually could have been used for real homeless services.

      1. Jocky

        It would be breaking the law but for the greater good. This is the attitude of these activists but the problem is that no one person or group gets to decide what is for the moral good. That is why we have laws.

        If they really care then why don’t they play the game. Fundraise, buy some land. Apply for planning permission and build something.

        1. Daddy

          “It would be breaking the law but for the greater good.”

          So you would support the murder of the homeless as a final solution?

          And apart from that abhorrence, you seem to think the homeless is a finite number which is not being constantly fed by poor Government policy.

          1. Jocky

            I’m showing how it is an acceptable solution based on the same argument from Glen Hansard et al. That laws are breakable if an individual decides it to be moral.

          2. Daddy

            Murder and occupation of a building are not the same under any interpretation of the law.

            Which Fine Gael cumann did you say you were a member of?

  10. Kolmo

    Jay.Sus. Fair play to the Apollo occupation, and Sligo too, – if the government fails/complicit – it’s the citizens duty to act – legally or otherwise.
    It’s a pity any raising of your head above the parapet to try and improve a human catastrophe manages to betray a viciously mean streak among our number, the lack of humanity and basic decency in some of these comments is worrying.

    1. Jocky

      The government is wasting 250 million per year on a handful of no hopers and they still get abused.


      We do far too much for the homeless. Some Serbian style tough love wouldn’t go astray.
      “In Serbia if you’re homeless there’s no support for you. You’re left on your own because the country is very poor and people don’t have enough money for themselves. In Ireland, I think it’s very well-organised and the supports are there.

      1. Kolmo

        Yes, and the same mentality has no compunction ‘getting rid’ of those you deem beneath you and not worthy of human decency, if you remember what was allowed to happen in the region in the mid 90’s.

  11. Jocky

    Now that these protestors have shown their opposition to private ownership I’m sure they won’t mind me moving into their bedroom for the next month to do heroin. Whats yours is mine etc.

    1. Kolmo

      Who is opposed to private ownership?
      Any collective effort = rabid mindless anarchism?
      Are you a Christmas Tory Troll?

      1. Jocky

        The repeal the 8…. sorry same crowd, logo but different fashionable cause. The Home Sweet Home supporters do not recognise private property ownership and fell they were morally entitled to break the law.

        1. Daddy

          What about all the white collar criminals who break the law and never get charged, never mind prosecuted? They cost the state far more millions than temporary trespassers.

          Some day you could find yourself in a dire situation. Don’t expect help.

          1. Jocky

            Which ones? What crime did they commit? Do you have any evidence for your claims?

            No, just another blowhard who doesn’t have a clue.

          2. Daddy

            I did report a couple of cases of tax evasion and breaches of company law. They got a slap on the wrist instead of prison time because that’s Ireland. Only unconnected PAYE workers and the poor go to jail.

        2. Kolmo

          They were morally entitled to break the law – the very damaging and overly powerful cult of property speculation at the real expense of the rest of society is worthy of questioning, examination and ultimately, direct ‘unlawful’ but 100% moral action. Just look at the state of the city, it’s in sh!te, a kip, just to protect the rights of cancerous speculators.

    2. Daddy

      “Now that these protestors have shown their opposition to private ownership”

      Of course you know full well that’s not what they were protesting about.

      While you’re sneering away about drugs like an ignorant bland middle class fool, perhaps you can tell us about the cocaine addictions of your friends and how it’s directly linked to gangland murders, including those of innocent passers by.

        1. Daddy

          You see Jocky, I’ll bet you do snort like a greedy little pig so you ARE like the heroin addicts you Fine Gaelers love to sneer about.

          1. Daddy

            But you still think it’s a solution though.

            I have to get to work here because I do actually work and provide a service to my clients.

            But I’ll be back to challenge all your idiotic comments.

  12. postmanpat

    Like tens of thousands of homeowners. I have a spare bedroom in my house. But I wouldn’t take one of these homeless people in over the winter. Why? Honestly ,I’m not really afraid they will steal from me and I wouldn’t be afraid for my safety . I think more of people than that. Its just that I’m kind of selfish and I like my privacy. It would be an odd thing to explain to my family and friends , taking a homeless person in. People might see me in a negative light in a weird way which could affect me negatively in the long term. The point is, my instincts would be screaming at me that it would be a bad idea. I am not a particularly bad/good person, I’m just trying to get through life guilt free, I don’t think I have any personality disorders. One thing I do know is that mad people’s ( through no fault of there own ) madness is contagious. Maybe I think these homeless people are mad, like, cant ever come back mad and if I had to live with one for a month I would go a bit mad myself. Maybe I’m a bad person for not taking one or two in. Seriously, I have the room. it wouldn’t be a problem financially , but I would never do it. But neither would Glen Hansard and he is rich. So what he is doing here is his own self promotion , on at least some level he is a phony .Although he is not there shaking hands with Gerry Adams , for that, ill give him a bit of credit. . I like to think that someone took Gerry aside a few days ago and asked him not to come around as he wasn’t helping the movements image. After all Glen Hansard is just a self promoting industry lowlife at the end of the day , and who wouldn’t like a little more financial success. He not hurting anyone, Its not like he ever killed anyone like power mad Gerry Adams has. I would like to see Glen Hansard break his guitar over Gerry head if he approached him now. That’s a guitar solo I think everyone would enjoy.

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