33 thoughts on “De Bank Holiday Monday Papers

  1. Nigel

    When a certain generation who wear out their joints dancing excessively to a popular music style reach old age they’ll be able to say they face Hip Hop Hip Op Agony.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      “okay, I’ve got a punchline, now to write a joke about it. It can’t be that difficult… oh.”

      1. Nigel

        In the trade it’s called a ‘quip op,’ but you had to go and lip off about it. Now you’ve left me in Quip Op Lip Off Hip Hop Hip Op Agony.

        1. xandy

          can’t remember the source but the headline prepared in case Chris Evans ever had gender reassignment surgery was “top pop jock in cock chop op shock”

  2. OirishToimes

    “failing people” me hole

    Another Kitty Holland special.

    188 + rent allowance isn’t the end of the world. What more can the taxpayer be expected to do? Honestly???

    Whining and moaning and getting Kitty to write hard luck stories in the D4 media, dragging it out for 10 years+ only prolongs the misery. Failing and rebuilding is better for the individual and for wider society. It also frees up a house for someone else and keeps interest rates low (badly needed in Ireland). I’d sooner move into a rented house and work on getting a better job than be still hacking away at it (justifying quangos and SJW lawyers on the public payroll in the process) in 10 years’ time when the kids are grown up. That mental energy is best spent elsewhere. Surely that is obvious? Nobody will thank you when you are old and left fully dependant on “The State” for your livelihood and everyone along the way has been paid for their interventions (except you – lol).

    Maybe getting everyone to believe they’re victims is the plan?

    Anyway, by the time it’s all figured out, Ireland will be a desperate place to live and work in (if it isn’t already).

    Ireland needs more winners. We have enough whiners. Winning solves problems. Whining doesn’t.

    1. Kieran NYC

      “Maybe getting everyone to believe they’re victims is the plan?”

      Seems to have worked, tbf. Ireland is a miserable place.

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