7 thoughts on “The God Of Sushi

  1. bisted

    …watched all 17mins…good…even though about 80% is hipster ooing and aaghing…first few minutes in the market are really worth watching…

    1. rotide

      There’s 2 mins of really interesting film there.

      and then 15 minutes of painfuly contrived pretentious idiots.

  2. Nilbert

    extraordinarily pretentious. I thought I was watching Portlandia. then I wanted to stove their smug faces in with a large brown trout.

    Lovely man bun though, should he not have had a snood on?

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Watched half and hurried through the hipsters salivating. I have made sushi and sashimi at home and always believed (or was told) that the freshly-caught fish was essential before prep. This aging business has me intrigued. A lump of tuna I can get from the nearby ocean and perish in the fridge…I just don’t want to be the one that eats it raw after eight days.

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