17 thoughts on “Yello

  1. Hank

    It’s been doing laps around town all morning.
    Looks like someone woke up at the crack of dawn and looked down to see his manhood looking particularly diminutive..

  2. Nialler

    It’s parked in D4 every morning on-street, it even sported some Antlers over the christmas period.

  3. Daddy

    Might one of those fake kit cars like the barber of Cork Street has opposite the Coombe. That’s not a real Ferrari he has. It’s a Toyota chassis with a plastic body kit.

    1. postmanpat

      Maybe, but still better looking than the thousands of status symbol king-of-the-road dopes driving fuel guzzling black and navy Range Rover 4x4s around the city and suburbs, parking directly outside newsagents on double yellow lines and cycle lanes.

      1. Martco

        yeah it should be a bit of a generalisation to say but it seems not – there seems to be an absolute correlation with wancer drivers and Dalkey tractors (Range Rovers and Discos) and I mean even above other 4×4’s
        what is it with that brand that attracts them specifically…dunno?

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