For Your Consideration: Fuller Democracy



Filmmaker Jonathan Victory writes:

In last year’s General election, Roslyn Fuller (top) ran for the Dáil on a platform of digital democracy. Her studies in international law revealed major structural shortcomings in modern democracy which she then explored in her book Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed its Meaning and Lost its Purpose .I have made a short [15-minute] documentary about her election campaign and released it today online for free…

Fuller Democracy

2 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Fuller Democracy

  1. Jonickal

    On the first door you can just imagine the person who answers thinking “who the **** is this lunatic?”

    1. Jerry

      Because she’s hoping to get a seat or because she thinks a majority vote of constituents would be a better choice than a party whip and/or her personal choice when voting on legislature as it passes through the Dail?

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