32 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Leixlip

  1. Rugbyfan

    to quote Ugly Kid Joe:

    Baron of the bench the panhandlin’ master
    Well, I’m pullin’ twenty G’s a year
    I know it ain’t much but at least I’m in touch, yeah
    With reality
    And I wouldn’t trade no places to be in rat races
    No siree

  2. Bort

    “Homeless” lad on Pembroke st get’s dropped off every morning, sets out his card board like he’s been sleeping there all night, puts up a “please help” sign in his runners, gets into his sleeping bag and goes asleep. Sometimes he changes shift after lunch. Sometimes it’s a different lad same MO and sometimes there’s a guy with the exact same set up at the same time on Fitzwilliam st at the exact same time. When he or the multiple guys doing the same gig is out of the sleeping bag he looks like an Italian tourist. Skinny jeans, puffer jacket, fancy runners. I notice he hasn’t been back after the Xmas break.

    There’s also a deaf beggar who has been operating around College Green, Grafton St, Exchequer St for as far as I know over 15 years. Small guy with glasses, hands out a piece of paper, I’ve seen him net 10 euro in a minute outside Keoghs or the Stags Head numerous time. Well he lives in a big gaff in Drumcondra.

    1. bleeschmn

      Jaysus, next you’ll be telling me that deaf people actually work and have jobs!
      I’ve seen that lad a load of times, I don’t know about a big house, but he’s definitely a cheeky arsehole.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          he kicked me on the knee for telling him what to do with himself (with a hand gesture)

          the rumour is that he’s the illegitimate spawn of matt the jap, but I don’t think that’s true

          he’s in and out of the bookies behind kehoe’s all day

  3. Cian

    There’s a large household (not sure if actually related to say family) in Maynooth who go around towns in North Kildare. Set up sleeping bags etc in doorways in the late evening and go back to the house when the pubs have closed. If its an abnormally quiet night for marks giving them money they’ll go home earlier.

  4. Nigel

    Gotta say, I’m inclined to think in these cases the crime is the punishment. Sitting or standing on a street all day with your hand out? I dunno, maybe it’s better than a mind-numbing assembly line or flipping burgers, but not by much. It’s horrible to have to worry about whether the money you’re giving is going to someone genuinely needy or not, though.

    1. Rob_G

      Just give your money to homeless charities instead of beggars; that way you know that it will be put to good use.

  5. Joe Cool

    There’s a gang of them in maynooth. A roma gang of about 6 or 7 strategically placed all around the town. They walk amongst traffic and sit outside the church of a Sunday. Everyone knows the have a house in the town. They are a massive issue

    1. DV

      Same crowd alright. This guy has been seen getting in and out of his car. He begs about 200 metres from his parked car

    2. Nidge

      Seen them, wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were involved in the taking of the large plant pots that were put in place to stop begging at the office used by Tidy Towns.

    3. gerry

      No sure they’re a big issue really. The housing crisis and the Emergency room crisis would be big issues.

      1. Rob_G

        Do you think, until the big issues are categorically solved, that we can’t give any attention to the smaller issues?

    4. Pixxyman

      There was one of those crappy investigation programs on TV3 where they watched a Roma ‘gang’ to prove they were collecting money and handing it over to the men.

      They followed the women leaving a Georgian house as a group and setting up around the city to beg, then in the evening returning to their large house. He went in, had a look around and it was basically 50 people living in squalid conditions and using every penny they collected to get by. I watched that poxy program only to find out, no it wasn’t some organised gang. Just a large community of Romany trying to survive.

      But its seriously annoying up around Peter’s pub and that area if you are outside or around the Stags head drinking corner. Every 15-20 mins somebody is shuffling around looking for cash. Its usually the junkies that are the pushie ones.

  6. Tony

    Wait. Does this mean that all homeless people and beggars are scam artists? The Home Sweet Home people are going to be horrified. But thank god someone caught this before it went too far.

  7. Paul Davis

    You would need your head examined to give money to the “homeless” at least triple the amount on Thursday to Saturday night.

    Seriously gullible people out there…

        1. Turgenev

          Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.
          Hebrews 13:2

  8. Rug

    God, the comments on this article are the worst. Are we meant to believe people begging on the street are getting rich off it? It’s cold and wet and a pretty boring and humiliating way to make money.

  9. eric cartman

    I live in leixlip, the guy gets dropped off in a fairly new E class mercedes every morning to leixlip by a man who coordinates a load of them. The same car can be seen dropping off kids to sell roses around temple bar on weekends. They all live together in a large house in maynooth. It just organised begging.

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