Chain Reaction



Apollo House this afternoon

RTE reports:

The High Court has refused to grant an extension for a stay on its order to vacate Apollo House in Dublin.

The judge said the provision of suitable alternative accommodation was a matter for Government not the courts.

The case returns to court tomorrow to see if the order has been complied with.

…Mr Justice Paul Gilligan said it was not the function of the courts to become involved in the provision of suitable accommodation for homeless people.

He said the occupants of Apollo House were entitled to take legal proceedings under the Constitution or the European Convention on Human Rights.

He said the issue before the court involves the right to ownership of private property.

High Court refuses extension to Apollo House occupiers (RTE)

Thanks Aaron


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In response to the decision in the High Court…

Supporters of the Home Sweet Home campaign have linked arms and surrounded the Apollo House building.

Pic: Joyce Fegan and Fergal O’Brien

Video: Mick Caul

Previously: Alternative Accommodation


Rosi Leonard, of Home Sweet Home, responds to Mr Justice Paul Gilligan’s decision.

Via Mick Caul

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38 thoughts on “Chain Reaction

      1. The Other Guy

        I’m not sure I follow? He’s applying the law as it is set out.

        And I’m not sure what the “So one…” is referring to? Do you mean to imply that someone who works in the legal profession would refer to themselves in the 3rd person all the time?

      1. Vote Rep #1

        The law is cold, clinical and emotionless.

        The judge should not have been put in this position in the first place.

  1. VinLieger

    Homes not hostels? I wonder if any of the PBP/AAA members on DCC who voted against 1700 new homes are present? Hypocrites the lot of them

    1. Kieran NYC

      Paul Murphy has been *awfully* quiet

      There must be something up – he’d never pass up the chance to appear in front of a camera “leading” the masses

  2. Graham F

    I was walking by there earlier – Homeless people sure like bongo drums a LOT. That may be why they are homeless in the first place – annoy your neighbours enough and you will be out on your ear too.

    1. VinLieger

      Establishment??? Ohhh you mean the basic laws of the land that we all abide by and dont get to choose which ones we want to obey, gotcha

      1. Kolmo

        my comments-section-on-a-web-site hypothesis has borne out – three (3) question marks in quick succession, that’s just the start of it..thin end of the viciousness wedge, my neophronic friend

  3. Murtles

    Eventually the Guards will be sent by Garda Management to force eviction and will be the bad guys again. Brace yourself for suspiciously edited videos of police brutality while the politicians will sit sipping their beers in Leinster House waving a report around as if people can live in it.

    1. Cian

      This. I feel sorry for the Gardaí. They really will end up abused for upholding the law.
      The problem isn’t with them.

  4. Taanbuaagam

    These people are living in hell

    Had a laugh at rent-a-gay Kieran there. Presumably when people were being charged for homosexual behaviour he was cheerleading the authorities upholding the “law of the land” there too?

    And seriously lads – hooting and hollering because some desperate homeless people have to find a new hovel to cower in? Someone needs to grab y’all by the pussy

    1. Kieran NYC

      Haha what? What a leap.

      If someone breaks into your house, I’ll be hoping the authorities uphold the law of the land there too.

      Coincidentally – my sexuality hasn’t come up in months. Yet you seem familiar with it. What was your old username and why did you change it? :)

      1. Taanbuaagam

        So are you saying you oppose state sanctioned violence against gays Kieran? It’s hard to keep track of your position on anything seeing as you are such a slimy little rat.

      2. Kieran NYC

        Of course I oppose state sanctioned action against gays. What the hell are you talking about?

        How bizarre of you to conflate the two.

        But by all means keep the personal insults coming.

        1. Taanbuaagam


          I’d say it’s pretty bizarre to launch tirades against the poor demanding the law of the land be upheld while selectively deferential to it except when it affects your own just cause.

          1. Kieran NYC

            A tirade?

            I +1’d a comment that the case was about trespass, not accommodation.

            You’re seeing things. You might need to lie down.

          2. Taanbuaagam

            Go on. At least you didn’t deny you’re a precious little hypocrite and worst sort of gombeen apologist

    2. Vote Rep #1

      What is this rubbish? Are you able to make a point without resorting to name calling and needless personal attacks just because they have a slightly different opinion to yours. Grow up.

        1. Taanbuaagam


          I’d say it’s pretty bizarre to launch tirades against the poor demanding the law of the land be upheld while selectively deferential to it except when it affects your own just cause.

  5. Paps

    Use the 160K to rent reasonably priced private accommodation outside of the city centre, and allow people to retrain, reeducate and get jobs? or maybe use it to relocate people outside of dublin so they can get a fresh start?

    How is illegally occupying a building really going to help people in the long run.
    This huge circle jerk has really become boring, and now they’re starting with this “shame on you Sh** ” and attacking a judge for simply upholding the law..

  6. Turgenev

    Mmm. There are two rights in question: the right to own private property, and the right to be safely housed. Which one Irish people choose to give priority says a lot about Ireland.

    1. ReproBertie

      The “Irish people” don’t get a say in the decisions of the courts unless represented by a jury. The “Irish people” may well prefer to see Apollo House used to house the homeless until the government is forced to sort out proper accommodation but the judge has to decide based on the legality of the case and not the will of the people.

  7. Joseph Glynn

    Well done to Home Sweet Home and all of the volunteers and supporters who brought the demand for decent shelter and accommodation to the fore and secured real improvements in provision for the homeless.
    Courageous campaigning is the only thing that will force this ‘property owners state’ to put human rights before their ‘sacred’ right to hoard and extract wealth through house-bankopoly.

    Meanwhile Minister Noonan betrays generations of young people, tenants and home-buyers for the benefit of delinquent Irish bankers and vulture funds.

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