What John Did Next


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A trailer for John Connors’ and Kim Bartley’s new two-part documentary series set in America called Race Matters.

Starts Monday, January 16, on RTÉ Two, at 9.30pm.

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‘Four Settled People And Three Travellers Get Called A Traveller Gang’

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10 thoughts on “What John Did Next

  1. Scundered

    I can’t help wondering if a black man sees a traveller and a member of the settled community standing side by side, does he/she think “they all look the same to me”?

  2. Happy Molloy

    I actually like Connors, though I don’t agree with’ him on everything, but that said, what is it with RTE giving people who have achieved minor celebrity there own documentary show involving travelling to the states?

    We’ve had the peerless Vogue Williams, the McGahern lad from the republic of telly, and now Connors, all going to the states.

    I think they’d be better placed reviewing some of the stuff coming out of DCU and commissioning someone to do one of these docs, which lets admit it, is a Louis Thereaux impersonation. Might have more of a chance of seeing something fresh and original.

    1. Starina

      they offer woejus budgets, seems to be part of the problem. Friend of mine pitched an Irish-language series about trad bands around the world at TG4 and they accepted it but then offered a loss-making budget.

  3. Black & White

    Vogue Williams, didn’t think much of her looks wise ’til I saw her in that red dress and those long legs on Tommy Tiernan last week. Changed my mind completely.

    1. Taanbuaagam

      There’s the thing – with the internet now these days apparently you can!

      Just look at Apey Molly’s post a few lines up. You’re no-one on a blog site these days unless you can attack either women, travellers or homeless people – ideally all 3 in the one sentence

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