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  1. Brother Barnabas

    It’s nice to believe in the natural progression of humanity and civilization. It’s hard though when you have to watch a dignified and decent man like Obama being replaced by someone like Trump. Not so much a u-turn as the biggest backward step ever taken.

    1. Twunt

      Nobel peace prize winning Obama, the first American President to spend every day of his eight year term at war.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Precisely. He had his flaws as a president, I won’t dispute that, but he inherited one hell of a mess from Bush. You don’t come away from that with your hands clean.

          1. Hank

            He also had his hands severely tied by the fact that the Republicans controlled the houses of congress and representatives and vetoed everything he tried to pass

        2. Twunt

          How is it unfair? He started with two wars, ends with seven. He was president for eight years. Either he was up to the task or he wasn’t. Blaming the last guy doesn’t work after 8 years.

          1. Nigel

            He’s too hawkish for my liking, but for feck’s sake, Golf War 2 left the Middle East a destabilised hot zone. He didn’t start wars, he intervened in already existing conflicts. To disastrous effect, arguably, but it turns out it’s more difficult to stage military interventions with some sort of humanitarian aim than it is to just go straight for extending spheres of influence.

          2. f_lawless

            but Nigel wasn’t it the Obama administration which was the driving force behind NATO’s bombing campaign in Libya? You know the one that turned Libya into a failed state, devastatig the lives of ordinary Libyans and greatly exhacerbating the migrant crisis in Europe?

    2. jusayinlike

      Wall st owned Obama, his legacy; starting more wars and amassed more nukes than any other president ever.
      Nobel prize me hole

  2. OirishToimes

    Oirish Toimes call for the “separation of church and state”, unless of course there’s a suitable opportunistic photo op of a cardinal with Jarry lurking in the background.

    Feel sorry for the clergy – the New Ireland left hate them, their flock won’t support them when they need their support and some clergy begin to believe that the solution is to abandon the essence of their faith.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            And yet so many are still happy to entrust the education of their children to the church


        1. classter

          ‘The Irish left would still hate them even if they hadn’t protected the abusers.’

          There is not that much proof of this. The ‘left’ in Ireland was historically rather soft on clericalism and secularism by international standards during all those years of Catholic hegemony. Indeed, arguably this was a big part of the reason that this hegemony survived.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    I love all the butt-hurts making excuses for Obama, a man who very literally got a Nobel Prize for talking through his hole – the award was based largely on his speeches said the awarding body.

    Oh, and ol’ scraggy head Brand is back on form with this very down to earth no bullpoo vid – recommended viewing for any body who thinks Obama was a saint… or that he deserved the Noble at all….
    [ WARNING to snowflakes, the vid is not feeling based rhetoric, and also contains useful info and a few facts ]


    1. Nigel

      Biggest disappointment is he didn’t confiscate everyone’s guns, herd everyone into FEMA camps and unleash hordes of black urban thugs in an orgy of violence. I dunno. He still has a whole day?

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Nigel… you’re doing one of your ramblings… like a blunderbuss loaded with Skittles. I’m lost on your point, which I only assume contains some amount of sarcasm or something.
        Plse do elaborate, try and get your point out…. then do the sarcasm or joke or whatever, thanks… for my benefit at least.

        1. Nigel

          It’s a joke, Clampers. Bit like your efforts at political analysis. BOOM! OH YEAH I WENT THERE BOOYEAH! MIKE DROP! Sorry Mike, here let me, sorry, yeah, no, I was just, yeah, sorry… er, Nige out.

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